The Event after the Match

What is strength? What is power? What is this class ranking system we all partake in?

From Basic Class to God Class, one thing remains certain. That is, that strength is valued above everything and anything else.

Anyone with a lower class is easily boxed into the corner and forgotten. But should this be the case?

We, people of the lower worlds have had to endure the constant bullying by those above us. The Orishas and their unruly set of offsprings, The Emere have being a constant pain to all of us.

Blessed by Eledumare with insane power levels, we can only grovel in the dust before their pre-eminence.

But such should not be. We all are aware of the time when The Emeres sought to wipe almost all the Kpelekpe Race just because they put me under their care.

I, who was forgotten by the gods themselves. Only until I attained certain strength did they remember tha

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