The Evolution Table

The sky was warm blue with scanty white clouds drifting here and there as they graced the heavens above the Playing Field. The field was mostly empty except for a gardener with his lawnmower trimming the grasses and a big and girl seating on a swing chair that was suspended by a rusty iron rod which in turn was supported by two even rustier vertical iron rods. Behind them was the concrete pavilion that stretched for over a hundred meters sporting visibly damaged books, shirts, pen cases and even shoes which obviously had been dropped by the students in the course of their activities. 

The boy on the swing had a crew cut on with white vest and Ash colored knickers while the girl wore a plait that was commonly referred to as 'All Back' in the locality. Her gown was a brown slick attire with flare at the end which was complimented by a black fluffy slippers and a black sling bag.

"Hey, Shade." The boy beamed sheepishly as he held her left hand cupped in his. "I actua

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