Clashing Interests

"Orb of Occurence?" Terilius gasped.

"That too, a high grade one at that?" Mackrys questioned as their eyes widened. Quickly, Terilius feet pounded across the land as he raced to Deola with thoughts of disarming them.

"Stay still... damn you." Deola groaned, Essence bleeding out from her lips. 

The Orb Of Occurence we're artifacts created by high classes Fate Experts That allowed the user tweak fate to some degree. However, the perk was that  Fate rejected any changes to it. To over ride this, one would need induce so much Agbara to combat the resistance of Fate for the changes to be made.

Also, if one needed to use Fate to reject a recent Occurence by rewinding time, everything needed to be still around the area of impact. If the slightest thing moved, it made it even difficult and tougher to focus on what needed to be rewound as time passed with each motion. 

The movement of Terilius was not helping the case. 


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