The Rescue of Bayo

Bayo had been kidnapped.

"Wow! I always knew Tuxela was rough. But this rough?" Shin shook his head. "What a welcome!"

The Ascender SHin and his colleagues, Hana and Ronke stared into the distance, shocked at what had just occurred. In one flash, the caravan had come from nowhere. And in that same time, the caravan had napped Bayo out and was speeding away. 

In their minds, they sighed, mentally, their fatigue taking the better of them. But then, they could not just let Bayo get taken away like that. Surely not after the encounter that they had just had, They had to do something. And that too, as fast as possible. 

Dust swirled into the air, raising up sand particles to cloud their vision for the briefness of  a second. They were in Tuxela now but then


This is sweet..

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