Taking Charge of the Kidnappers

The clip clop sound of the horses leading the caravan was unsettling. For someone who had just come out of an all black atmosphere, it was taking all of him not to shut his eyes forever to the abrupt change in the nature of the atmosphere of Tuxela. Then, the repeated sounds of the galloping horses made it even difficult for him to make sense of where he was. 

Last he had known was that he had been supporting the weight of Ronke and then a sharp pain had rocked his free shoulder, shifting his balance. The next second had not been pleasant. He was simply swept off his feet, his whole shoulders rocking the ground, mercilessly as he went airborne. 

And then, he crashed down onto something which was hard and metallic. All of it, happening in the blink of an eye. In that same time, it was taking him to get accustomed to the nature of the atmospheric cond


So, the guys were just panicking for nothing... Hahaha

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