Calm before the Actual Storm

"Some day, you will understand why you would have to give a chance to people just because it feels like the right thing to do. And I hope that in that day, I will be justified, for my eyes will be on you."

Bayo jerked his head only to hit against the tight enclosure of a cave of earth that had swallowed up his entire frame as the words filtered into his ear canals, carried by the wind itself.

How this happened, he had no idea.

Meanwhile, Lord Meados merely flapped his wings, levitating still as he smiled to himself, noting the strain of confused emotions emanating from the lump of earth a little distance apart from him.


Earlier On, About One Minute Before!


"Send a contingent. You all can go, if you wish. That demon, restrain him for the needless recklessness he's causing." 

"And when you see what he is after, pretend like you never saw it and allow it passage." Meados said, his voice becoming a r

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