The Typical Irunmole

Questions have oft been asked. What does the Irunmole Society stand as that they have remained the largest and most powerful Major World Power on all of the seven heavens?  I think I would answer that here.

However to do that, we just first seek the understanding of what they are, firstly. Afterwards, we may seek to get a grasp upon their functionality. 

The Typical Irunmole is a messenger. Yes, as harsh as it is, the typical Irunmole is a full bred Messenger. However , the class of which they operate on makes them different from the other classification of Messengers. 

They do not serve the other Spirit Beings, after all, it is but them who are at the very top of the food chain. This leaves the brooding question - Who do the irunmoles serve? 

The answer is yet again simple. The Irunmoles had been people who were ecteated with one purpose. And that is to servem but if they do not serve other sport beings, then they just serve another e

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