The Vicious Lightning Fist Chimp

In the event of the worst that could possibly happen, we ask that you do not do what is rash. Now, we do understand what it is that makes you to fawn over the First bone. It is mutual. 

As it is, what is it that the first born has not done which is yet to surpass our imagination? 

In the examination and theorizing that we have carried out over the form of the First Born, we understand that he is packed full of resilience. That aside, we know of the buffs the FirstBorn currently enjoys by the nature of his position. And while the Irunmole Society is yet to lay their hands on the First Born- That is, if they do believe that the First Born would be alive or even exist due to the scattered nature of the Ascenders and their birth numbers- we have him in our sight. 

It would be then to our utmost responsibi

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