Misery and Fear II




Varied screams and yells for help continued to ricochet out against the airs of Amphitheatre. Despite the little time that had elapsed since the whole contest had gone south, there were still a sizable couple of people who remained in the pavilions. 

Most of them had fallen, a few of them barely making it alive after they had gotten to bear the brunt of so many boots in the stampede. The others who were yet in full health were the ones who had been rather too slow to get out on time. 

Seeing how the event had degenerated, they began to curse their luck, wishing against fate that they had not come here in the first place.

But it was a little too late for that. 

Now, things had gotten so bad that it was almost impossible for them to get out without sustaining injuries to themselves. Injuries that were severe enough to end the lives of those who were weaker on the charts.&n

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