Travails of the Seventeenth Born

In all of the Light Sworn Fox’s path, the sentient beast, a beastkin in all totality; she struck rebellion, as it is her nature, getting spirits beings against one another, bringing a twisted form of chaos by inviting one against the others. In doing so, she sits in the background, pulling the strings without being seen.

However, we have set our eyes on her because this abomination cannot be allowed to live any further. By taking on the form of a beast woman, she has defied the very existence of all Spirit Beings, being the vile creature that she is. 

She is elusive, escaping our grips more often than not. Recently, we have heard news that she escaped into the Second Heavens. And from every sighting of her so far, it seemed as though she heads towards Adze Circle.

Now, it is a known fact that we, the Irunmole Society, never see eye to eye with those abominable beings who have taken it upon themselves to study the forbidden Law of Death and thus fact s

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