132. This is Goodbye

True to what Ronke said, the sounds of  hammering begun to resonate in the air. The sensation that equipped the atmosphere of a town which was basically dependent on crafting and building various equipment and weaponry taking over the seven atmosphere of the ship little by little. 

Ronke sighed in relief as she heard the sounds, each of them sounding like welcoming lullabies to her ears. Like music to her soul. She was ecstatic about the whole thing. 

First of all, she as able to make it down here. She was able to make it down to the same pkcwwhere she had been castaway. She was at the place of her origins and the job or bright could not be contained. No, n't by a long shot.

Then secondly again, the fat that she could hear the sounds here and there were welcoming to her because it meant one thing. She was not late. Her whole makeshift town as not late. Despite all of the occurrences which had played out on the course of the journey; they had tougher it out to

This is goodbye. How many of you thought this novel is ended? He'll Noooo! Lol. It's just really beginning. All of the other events have been teasers to this point. The writing would get hectic from now and I hope to deliver qualitatively even with my tests around. The ASCENDERS ARE JJST GETTING HEATED UP! Don't go yet!!!

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