61. The Impact of Fugitive Mark

"Ugh!" Iyabo moaned as light flashed, their forms appearing back in the room.

Just like before it was they had all gone into the soul of the Familiar some time earlier. It was just hem, plus the slightly glowing Familiar who remained still on the place where he had been placed to rest.

Ronke appeared, just like Iybo too, standing in front of Iyabo. It was not like they had appeared in the long run..

Ut was more of them gaining consciousnesses from their state of being Ori's. Oris who had gone into the soul of Bayo from earlier.

"Ah!" Ronke exclaimed as she dashed foeard and went on her knees almost immediately.

Eyes fixed on Bayo, she could see the slight glow from his body still. It brought a concern to her heart, considering that they had just attempted the healing of him. 

He should be alright by now, Ronke reasoned. After all, she was terrified about the fact that the pain endured would have been for nothing. Having to stomach


Every thing has consequences. the question is, are you ready for them?

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