Ascension to Divinity

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Ascension to Divinity

By: Shu B. OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Vineet was just a regular guy living a happy life, but one day in an accident he lost his family. Now it has been two years, he was just going through the daily motions to live his life because he was still not able to fully recover from that tragedy. On the second year’s eve of that tragic accident, he died in an earthquake. He then reincarnated into a different world with his memories intact. After much thought, he accepted his new reality and made up his mind to live a fulfilling life in this new world. But it’s not always that things go as you want, and on his first birthday the village he was in was attacked and he was separated from his family and found himself on a sacrificial altar, and was soon sacrificed in the name of some old forgotten gods. He was indignant, but as soon as his vision darkened he jolted awakened to find that now has been born again, but this time as a goblin. Before he can make any sense of it, another goblin attacked him. While trying to fend for his life, another goblin attacked him from the back and he died again. Frustration boiled up inside of him, and he screamed in despair: "ARGHHHHHHAAAAAA!!" Soon his consciousness awakened but this time he instinctively knew that he has not been born again, but somehow was capable of thinking. He didn’t know how much time passed but now there was only one thought in his mind this was torture, he would rather have his memories erased and be done with it. But fate had different plans for him…

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Chapter 1: Twice Reborn!
As the sun rose above the horizon in Patna, the morning sky was painted in hues of red and orange, while the chirping of birds filled the air with their melodies. Vineet stirred awake as his alarm beeped softly in his humble flat in a slightly decrepit building. He gazed at the ceiling fan's lazy rotations before rising to go for a jog, a routine he had followed since he was seven years old.After his jog, Vineet returned home, took a refreshing shower, and prepared breakfast. Once done, he cleaned the kitchen and headed to work, where he went through the motions of his life with minimal interactions with others throughout the day. However, the next morning, his sadness was palpable to anyone who spoke with him. Although people tried to inquire, he politely declined and claimed he was alright.As Vineet returned home that evening, his sadness was still evident, and he made an unusual stop at a liquor store to buy some hard alcohol. After arriving home, he poured a drink and stood in f
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Chapter 2: Revelation & Third Rebirth
Nel's consciousness returned once more, and he instinctively tried to open his eyes. But nothing happened. Panic set in as he tried to speak but found he couldn't. After several attempts, he came to the terrifying realization that he didn't have a body. He was just a disembodied consciousness floating in the void."What am I?" Nel pondered. "Am I a ghost, a soul, or something else entirely?" He thought for a long time but couldn't find any answers. Eventually, he resigned himself to waiting for his consciousness to fade once more.Time passed, or he felt time passed, but he was not sure how much time pass if time was really passing. Eventually, time lost all meaning, and Nel's frustration grew with each passing moment. The more he waited in that loneliness the more frustrated he felt. Soon he started to think that he was being punished for something.“Why am I in this state? Did I commit some sort of crime to have to go through this torture? Why not just end my suffering by erasing my
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Chapter 3: Reincarnated into a Strange Environment
After a long time lying on the ground, Nel lifted his hands and looked at them. They were human looking but were small as of someone who was around ten years old.“At least I’m not a monster like the last time. But why am I a body that is already this young boy? Shouldn’t I have been born as a baby?” he murmured in confusion.After a bit, he sat up and saw that he was wearing rather dirty and worn-out clothes and had only one shoe, which too looked very old and somewhat big for his small feet.“What the fuck is this situation.” Nel cursed.“If you were going to reincarnate me then could have made it into a better condition.” he once again look at the sky and said in frustration. He fall back on the ground and lay motionless for some time.“I’m alive again, but what should I do? I don’t even know where I am, and where should I go…” Even though he was frustrated and angry, he knew that it wouldn’t help him in this situation. And more than that he didn’t want to die and experience that v
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Chapter 4: Ripple Effect
While Nel was running for his life in terror and soon lost his consciousness due to tripping and hitting his head with a tree trunk. Little did he know, his plight had set off a chain reaction felt by some of the mightiest beings in the universe.Some of the mightiest beings in the universe felt a strange sensation, as some felt it for the first time while some felt after what it seemed an eternity.*****In a divine realm unknown to many, a powerful being opened its eyes with a snap, its eyes flashing with a bright light: "Fufu! I see," it said, suddenly frowning."After such a long time, it finally appeared. Perhaps there is someone worthy who can satisfy my thirst for battle." Its laughter echoed throughout the divine realm.*****In a dark corner of the universe, a pair of blazing eyes opened. They scanned a vast part of the universe before slowly closing again. But as they did, a hoarse voice sounded out: "Seems like massive changes are going to happen in the near future. But wil
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Chapter 5: Embracing the Unknown
After an unknown amount of time, Nel's eyes fluttered open, and he gasped for air, struggling to remember where he was. His head was throbbing so he instinctively touched it and confirmed that there was no blood, but it still stung as if a sharp needle penetrated his skull when he touched his head. He slowly turned around and faced the sky. “What happened?” As he said that everything came back to Nel, as to what happened and how he was in his current condition. “Wait, am I even alive?” Nel looked around with confusion but after seeing that he was still in the same forest where he was reincarnated for his third life. “Seems like I’m still alive and in the same place, but that also doesn’t makes sense. I was chased by so many skeletons, and I still survived, how?” Nel sat up, wincing in pain, while leaning his back on the tree trunk which he had recently collide with. “Wait a sec. Before all that, my body was full of pain and I heard some kind of voice, or did I just hallucinate?” Ne
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Chapter 6: Searching for Answers
Nel started to move with haste and soon arrived where the pond was. He wasn’t sure whether his idea will even work or not but wanted to give it a try, and if didn’t pan out then he’ll think of something else. He looked around and found some decently big leaf and fashioned it into a cup and scooped some water with it. With slight anticipation, he called for his inventory and it appeared right before him. He then moved the water-filled leaf inside his inventory and instead of leaving it inside he tried to tilt it and pour the water inside. After a bit, he took his hand. But as soon as the leaf cup came out, and because it was slightly tilting the water started to pour down. “Hmm. Seems like I can’t pour the water inside my inventory. Well, it was rather far-fetched anyway, but still, I succeeded in putting water inside my inventory in a way. But it’s not efficient. I’ll have to find a way to solve this issue or I’ll be tied to this place until someone finds me, and judging by the sta
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Chapter 7: A Legacy of Monsters
After a while, the man stopped laughing the spoke in a cheerful manner with a big grin: “Boy, do you have any idea how fucked you are! The ‘Void Bloodline’ is still something you can manage, but if others knew that you have the master system then countless, and I mean truly countless beings will hunt you down. Even the being that sent your soul into this body will hunt you down personally if it finds out. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, some really powerful being might already be aware that the master system has a new host.” Nel shuddered: “H-How is this possible?” The man said with a chuckle: "How do I know all this? It's simple really. When the master system takes a host, anyone in rank 6 or higher feels a strange sensation. I've felt it twice myself. The first time, a monstrous woman rose in a small galaxy and conquered it single-handedly. She then openly started to hunt similar-ranked beings and it was found that she could siphon their powers. It was dismissed as a special s
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