Lost Angel

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Lost Angel

By: Doanlinh CompletedFantasy

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Plot Summary Zoe means "Life", and Zoe is a mutant, of course, everyone knows what a mutant is. But for Zoe, all of that cannot be compared with the ability he possess, which is to see the souls of the dead. anything else? No, it's even better, that you can not only see the ghost but also see its past and the reason why it died, the most important thing is that you can control it. But for Zoe, also because of this ability, he has encountered many troubles, the first one is being held by a spirit that does not let go, that soul is named Jill, a boy who was killed when he was only ten years old. To know why he discovered this ability of his and how to use it, and whether the mistakes can be corrected when Zoe sold his soul to the devil out of hatred, listen to Jill's words once. ghost with a desire to take revenge on those who killed him and help him absorb enough human souls to become an immortal Grim Reaper.

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Chapter 1: Meeting Ghosts
Zoe was an orphan, and his parents died in a car accident when he was just seven years old. His parents gave birth to him when the two were quite young, so they were not officially married together, because they were not wealthy people in society nor did they pay much attention to marriage registration or marriage, is still worried about the success of a solid future is still better. Zoe's father, before his death, was an intern in the genetics department at the university, and his mother was studying human psychology at the same school. They still hadn't officially graduated from university because they were still in the process of researching and writing a thesis, at that time they were together, dating, talking about love, and living together as husband and wife in a small house. A year later, they had Zoe, Zoe James was born, and although it was an unexpected obstacle, they were very happy to receive it, considering the child as a gift from God. The happy years together say short
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Chapter 2: Making Friends
In the deep darkness, Jill sat by the bed watching Zoe sleeping soundly, he didn't know why he followed this boy here, but he had a feeling this person saw him. It had never felt so special before, when he passed by it, suddenly it felt like hot breath and the blood in his body was circulating, his heart pounding furiously, the chest cavity. This was something that had never happened to a ghost before, it had never felt life pass through it.Therefore, when it senses the elements of life, it has a different kind of craving from deep within its heart that has long rested in its bosom, a thirst for life that has arisen in it. So he decided to follow this child to his room, he had to find out why he had that feeling, maybe this child could help him get revenge, and help him, does it come back to life? Although it was just a fantasy that suddenly popped up in Jill's head, she still hoped but could hear the baby's breath, the life in the beating heart, the hot blood flowing in her body, to
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Chapter 3: The Turn
The years passed very quickly, and Zoe and Jill's relationship also became closer, now Zoe is sixteen years old, and at the end of this year, he will go to university, if he passes the exam the school I want him to leave. From the orphanage to the school dormitory, Zoe felt happy just thinking about it. But what he's waiting for ahead of him doesn't go as planned, because a tragedy is about to happen, it changes his entire life later, which is something Zoe never even dreamed of.In this orphanage, there are always older children who like to bully the younger ones, they form an aggressive group that specializes in taking things that do not belong to them, or simply dragging someone out to beat them up. Just for fun, they were pleased to see the frightened eyes of the children when they saw their figures pass and happy to laugh when they saw another child beaten to the point of tears, nose, and tears. cold brick background. And Zoe was one of those kids who suffered from their bullying
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Chapter 4: Mistakes
During these three years, Zoe also experienced many times of being bullied by others, in this prison-like reformatory, it is normal for old ghosts to bully new ghosts, being bullied so much that Zoe realizes He realizes that not resisting means waiting to die, and he also learns that there is an unknown power in his body, so Zoe uses it. Anywhere in this world, there is a soul that exists and resides, but in this reformatory, the unjust souls of teenagers are not rare but more common than in other places, mainly children. was rarely beaten to death. Zoe controls those spirits, giving them the power to knock things up, tear blankets, and even hit people, without the person being hit back even knowing who hit them. As long as someone touches Zoe today, that person will be beaten until the face and face can no longer be seen.Since then, Zoe has gradually gained a foothold in the reformatory, even scaring the big kids at the head of the gang that specializes in bullying others, not darin
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Chapter 5: Continuity
The next victim to die by accident, a death that occurred when Zoe was transferred to another reformatory near Wales, at the time he was sixteen years old. The bad guy named Finn is the big brother of a group that specializes in rarer children and steals gifts left by visiting children's families. Gifts from family members sent to the reformatory were also taken by Finn's juniors. Finn is just a normal child like any other, he was accused of manslaughter at the age of twelve, also the result of domestic violence. Finn is often beaten by his stepfather, but he does not want to fight back because he thinks of his mother. Finn's mother is a poor woman, abandoned by her biological father when she was pregnant with him, when Finn was six years old, she remarried to her current husband. In the six years of marriage, it is unknown how many times Finn was beaten by his abusive stepfather, but in this domestic violence case, it was his mother, an alcoholic husband who was angry because he lost
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Chapter 6: Taste
That night Zoe couldn't sleep, he stood in front of Finn's bed as if to wake him up asking him the contents of the letter and who sent him the present to the camp. But he just stood there in the dim light of the night light installed in the ceiling in case someone wanted to go to the bathroom at night. Jill appeared next to Zoe again, whispering gentle words as if to arouse curiosity in Zoe's head.“Unfortunately, I also want to know who the person who sent you the gift is, that person must be a good person, possibly also has something to do with your parents and you too, in the letter. I'm sure that person made it clear to you, but that damn Finn…”Zoe didn't answer and turned to go back to her bed, Jill tried her best to babble in his ear, purposely making Zoe think of the letter and the mysterious person. Finally, Zoe could not bear the curiosity and frustration in his heart, he wanted to know who that person was? Why care about him and not go to the reformatory once so he can meet
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Chapter 7: Can't Stop
That said, but for a soul that was used to the smell of devouring another soul to increase its strength, Jill's longing from the bottom of he heart could no longer stop beating but increased up. While the children in the dormitory were fast asleep with a cold breath still hovering over their heads, Jill glided across the beds and stared into the face of a sleeping child smile. The warmth of his body and the delicious smell of his breath appealed to him immensely, but he shook his head."Too thin, bland soul."It flew over to the bed of another child, looked up and down, and smiled."This kid is fine."He reached out his cold hand to caress the cheek of the lying child, the air was cold as ice, making the sleeping child shiver, reaching for the blanket to pull up to cover himself.Jill smiled, "Give you a few more days."Then it disappeared like melting into the air.The next week passed, on Sunday afternoon, the guards brought a new person to the prison, his name was Silat, a big seve
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Chapter 8: Illumination
Silats' death was very scary, he was hung from the ceiling by a whip around his neck, his arms were twisted backward, his eyes were wide open, and his face was as white as those of ancient opera actors. chalk, not a piece of cloth to cover. The two prison guards had to work hard to pull the body down, but there was no way to make the arms of the corpse slide down and return to their original position. The surrounding area was very clean, and there was not even a single drop of blood, so for the time being, it can only be said that this is a suicide. But it makes the experienced police officers very skeptical, from the foot of the corpse to the floor up to a meter away, but at the scene, there is no chair and no object to be used. The victim as a fulcrum to climb. And the ceiling is quite high, how can the victim hang the whip to form a noose around his neck. All theories and conclusions that are not suitable, let alone unscientific, to explain this problem, some people even think is m
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Chapter 9: Meeting
Wales is a small town quite far from the central city. When people want to go to the city, they either have their car to drive themselves or take a taxi, but the means that people most often choose is the bus. On the road at this time, there is very little traffic, because it is not the main road to go into the city, so the traffic here is quite sparse, except in the morning when everyone rushes to work. On this road, it is quite deserted, usually only a few cars or taxis pass by.Walking for about fifteen minutes Zoe saw a bus stop, which seemed to be a bus route directly into the big city. Quite a few people were standing there waiting for the car to arrive. Zoe also wants to go to the city to find a job, because he hasn't graduated from high school, and his profile is not clean, so he can only hope to find a manual job like working as a waiter at a restaurant. for example, in a big city where no one knows, the better, he doesn't want anyone to know about his past and what he's been
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Chapter 10: First Warmth
The moment their skin touched Zoe received the warmth of Neil's palm, he looked up at him, Neil's eyes were filled with steadfast honesty, confidence, and tenderness, making anyone who sees it will immediately put it all. faith in this harmless and beautiful gaze. The moment Zoe was about to pull his hand back, Neil took his hand lightly and squeezed it, making their palms warm again to touch each other. This handshake surprised Zoe a bit, he stared into Neil's eyes, a pulsating emotion mixed with nervousness that made his heart skip a beat in his chest, the close handshake was gentle and clear. This morning seemed to make Zoe feel the young man was trying to comfort him for all the bad things that happened in his past and told him that from this moment on he would always be by his side. by your side and protect you. Zoe was confused, his face heated up in an unnatural embarrassment, and quickly withdrew his hand, the atmosphere in the car was a little confused but became strangely q
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