His Prophesy

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His Prophesy

By: Miraukwuma CompletedFantasy

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Twins Series (Book 1) After witnessing a Vampire feed on a human, Cian curiosity grew beyond control which almost cost his life. He wakes up in a supernatural world where Vampires, werewolf, witches and all the Myth written in the books exists. He discovered he had an identical twin brother and was been haunted by a secret group because of a strange prophesy. Would their life go according to the prophecy or is there more to the prophesy that hasn't be revealed. Warning this is also an LBGT+, if you are not fan please no hateful comment just step aside or try it out.

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  • Dark_Maniac


    This is awesome. Please continue. I need book two!

    2024-04-08 06:09:19
  • Anthony Chukwuma


    I love your book so much mysteries. Even though the romance is slow burn, I love it. keep it up

    2023-07-14 09:24:01
  • Ifunanya Great-chukwuma


    This slow burn hurts but I love the pain.

    2024-04-08 06:18:42
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52 chapters
Strange Guy
The cloudy morning of 23rd July seems like its going to be a bad weather, that's how it has been since Cian's existence. The 23rd of July was the day his foster parents found him and they made that day his birthday. It has become a family tradition to go the place where he was found on his birthday, a car recycling center. He started visiting there alone since he became fifteen because his foster parents were too for long trip. 'Mom, I'm off' Can said as he sat on the porch to wear his shoe 'Don't stay out late, no, you can' Jade, his foster mom said, giggling and walking towards where he sat. When he was done with his shoes, he stood up and turned to her Jade 'Don't worry too much, you are getting old' he said softly patting her back before letting go. 'Daniel, won't you bid him goodbye?' Jade said to the man who sat on the cushion reading an old newspaper. He lifted his head from the papers 'He became a man today stop pampering him' Daniel said turning back to his papers and Ci
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'I'm hearing the news about Professor Richard wedding, is it for real?' Raymond asked as he reached his regular dinning table in the buffet hall, he was in his Jersey with a towel over his neck which he use to wipe off his sweat. 'Yeah, it is' Clint answered dragging Raymond down to his seat and started eating. 'He finally decided to get married' Raymond said, 'After living for a thousand years maybe he wants a partner' Clint said'Where is Asher?' Clint asked looking around the buffet hall and not seeing the person he was asking about.'He hasn't come back since he went out to hunt for lunch' a voice answered, it came from the person who have been silently seating with them with a book covering his face, Sean. Sean lifted her s head from the book to answer them. 'Are you sure he isn't in the mansion?' Clint asked 'I don't know, I've been in the library all day' Sean answered moving his head to his book 'I don't know too, I was playing basketball with the pack' Raymond answered whe
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Origin I
There was a knock on Cian's room door, 'Yes, come in' he answered 'I brought you more blankets, it's snowing' Jade said as she came in and drop the blankets on the bed. 'What are you doing?' Jade asked as she walked towards Cian who was sitting in front of his desktop. 'Nothing, just stuff' Cian answered immediately switching off the desktop. 'Secret? just don't stay up late, by the way it's beautiful outside if you want to check it out' Jade smiled and left his room. Cian opened his curtain and looked out the window, Jade was right it was beautiful, it looked like white rain drizzling from the sky and decorating the dry street, "But how can it snow during summer, strange, why did it snow instead of raining this night, this is driving me crazy, but it somehow feels right" Cian thought to himself and went back to sit in front of his desktop, switching it on to continue what he was doing.'Blood sucking beings' he muttered as he typed, The internet brought out myths so he clicked on a
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Origin II
After the long fall he landed in a Lagoon which was blue in color, making a large splash. He struggled for air but no avail and ended up sinking deep into the water, he lost the strength to struggle. "Mom, Dad, I love you" he thought as he closed his eyes, he couldn't help keeping his eyes open. He continued to sink until suddenly the water formed a portal and magical blue lights shone at the entrance. The portal sucked in Cian unconscious body and immediately closed as if it never occurred. The body was now in the ocean which was of a lighter blue than the lagoon. The waters around him began to turn to ice spreading through out the rest of the ocean until the whole ocean was frozen.'Hey, look the water is turning ice' a girl called to her friend sitting opposite her, they came to have lunch and enjoy the ocean view. Some other people were also there they were all young adults and teenagers. 'Quick alert the witches with water speciality' someone else called out and soon the witch
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Few hours earlierClint's phone started ringing so he excused himself to pick the call. He saw a familiar ID, Raymond and he answered the call, 'He's doing what?' I'm on my way' Clint said into the phone, he seemed surprised and angry at the same time at whatever Raymond had told him. He did a slight hop and he was on the air then he flew away in a sudden speed and landed in front of their mansion. He ran into the house only to see the chaos happening in front of his room, Asher was bringing out somethings from a deep blue box, that was where he had packed his dead twin brother belongings. 'Asher! what do you think you are doing' Clint said storming towards Asher and pushing him away from the box then he bent down to gather the things which are on the floor into the box. He opened this box once every year which was on their birthday but he didn't open it this year. 'How did you get it' Clint asked as he closed up the box.'I'm sorry, I asked Raymond to get it for me since to know a v
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New Generation of the 'Elite'
'What is this you telling me!' A man shouted, Voltox, he sat on a seat which looked like a throne, 'The twins are back together! gather the Elite tell them we are having a meeting at my kingdom' Voltox shouted at the messenger who immediately flew out of quarter before his master goes bizarre on him.'Darling, is it true? A woman said coming out of a bedroom, Vivian, 'Yes, it's true and there also a video in the academy platform, come see it' Voltox said to his wife who came closer to watch to watch the video from his tablet. It was the same video of what happened in the frozen ocean. 'They grew up to look alike' Vivian said 'As they look alike their powers would be more alike and joining them together is enough to cause a lot of chaos' Voltox said getting frustrated 'Are you getting frustrated because of some eighteen years old twin brothers who don't know their stand?' Vivian asked not really understanding why her husband is shaken by the news of the reunion of the twin brothers
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Out of Control
'Enough of the hugging, you are making it snow' Raymond said opening his palm under the sky letting the snowflakes fall into them.'I'm not doing anything' Cian muffled over Clint's shoulder 'But I am' Clint said smiling to himself and letting Cian go. 'Thought so, you guys magic combined is more than just snow' Sean said. 'Sorry, I got nothing' Cian said 'Then how do you think you got there' Sean asked 'I fell off the bridge and drowned maybe the water brought here luckily I'm not dead' Cian said his thoughts'I don't think the water brought you here' Karin said and everyone turned to look at the person who has been silent like she doesn't exist to them. 'What do you think?' Asher asked with irritation, immediately a lump formed on her throat, Asher was the one that terrifies her the most. 'Uhm, coming to the supernatural world' you need to use a portal, I think you created your own portal' Karin explained without her eyes leaving Asher scared that he would vamp to her and suc
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And he left...
Clint came back to the mansion when Cian closed his room door, he wanted to knock but Asher stopped him, 'He looks tired and still shock you know you can't touch him in this state's Asher said to him.'Ok, I would come by in the morning then' Clint said headed for his room. The bright morning woke everyone up, 'Raymond, stop playing around your families are coming over today, Sean, move your lazy ass, they would soon be here, stare at the book later' Clint was ordering everyone around as if he were their mother.'Where is Asher and Cian?' Clint asked 'Still in bed?' Sean answered'In the afternoon?' Clint said rushing upstairs to wake them up'Don't disturb them maybe they are making up for the lost time' Raymond joked.'Shut up!' Clint said from upstairs. He knocked on the door and there was no response from Cian, Clint panicked thinking that Cian was in danger. Asher came out of his room intending to go into Cian's room nextdoor only to see Clint pounding on the door. Asher hear
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Without You
Cian walked through the portal and appeared in front of Dan and Jade's house, he didn't bother to knock he opened the door and walked in. 'Cian, you are back' Jade said happily'Yeah, I said I'd be back' Cian said closing the door behind him, 'Did you find out anything about yourself' Dan asked without raising his head from the papers. Cian thought about what he'd answer before saying 'No' he lied'I've prepare lunch, come eat' Jade said pulling him to dinning,'I've eaten, I had brunch, so I would go have a nap in my room' Cian said gently pulling his wrist from Jade's grip and went into his room which was exactly as he left it. He laid on the bed burying his face into the mattress ad the sleep kicked in, a sleep without any disturbance at last.Clint on the other hand, was like a bird who had lost its wings, 'Clint, don't worry Cian would come back' Yvonne said gently patting Clint shoulder, who sat on the floor staring at the door which had Cian walked through.'He came back and
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10. His Return
'Mom, dad, I found something about my origin but not everything' Cian said during lunch.'Okay?' Jade and Dan said together unsure of how to respond.'I'm going on a trip to find out more and I might be leaving today' Cian informed his foster parents who were trying to hide their sadness but Cian was able to figure them out, 'But I found out that I have a twin brother' Cian said trying to cheer them up.'How does he look like' Jade asked curiously'Uhm, we are identical twins so we look alike but different personality and we'll be going on the trip together' Cian said making his foster parents face lighten up. 'Bring him here one day, I would like to meet him' Jade said happily and continued to eat,"He wouldn't be really be happy to meet you too" Cian thought.After lunch, Cian did the dishes and went to his room, where he found Asher waiting for him, he didn't mind and went to his drawer to pack up few clothes and other things. 'What are you doing?' Asher asked Cian'What does it
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