Beyond The Dream: Priggish God Damn!

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Beyond The Dream: Priggish God Damn!

By: Teen Aquarius OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After I took asleep in reality world, then awaken in dream world. I took asleep in the dream world, in the reality world I'm awaken. Since then, I don't know what the sleep is anymore. I slept, only to transfer my consciousness to the dream world for completing missions. The sweet days I met her only to staring her smile, that dream is caused it all gone. Encouraging myself to against The God who holds Miho as the hostage, I’m following his game to be a hero in another world planning growth my own strength to deal with slowly. On the time, I’ll punish The God with my hand as what The God did. “Miho, my dear. Wait for me, I’ll save you!”

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186 chapters
Trial Of Heroes
[Swift Movement] I accidentally got this Swift Movement skill after all my status points were dedicated to dexterity. That way, I am able to move quickly as much as twice my fastest running speed without using the Swift Movement skill with no significant fatigue. Acquiring this skill can be said to be satisfying because the skill can still be developed. Swift Movement which is still level 1 is very helpful in battle. The proof, is I'm currently fighting a demon ape that is able to move swiftly between the trees. With the help of Swift Movement, I am able to keep up with its movement speed. Getting the surprise attack earlier did get me scratched, but not the second time after I used Swift Movement. I move nimbly over the large stilt roots protruding above the mud. Then after using a nearby tree trunk to give me a boost, I stab the demon ape's vital area which is also jumping at me to deal an attack. At that very instant, the demon ape immediately falls helplessly. ... When I wok
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Between Dream And Reality
I immediately go downstairs to check the demon ape that I have just attacked in its vital area."He's dead, right?" I mutter as I press my Iron Knife on the demon ape corpse while keeping my distance, afraid that the demon ape is still alive and pretending to be dead to deliver a surprise attack like the first time.“Pyuh...”Stroking my chest before I checked the status screen, I get a notification about my level increase.“Whoa… I go up two levels at once?!”After I checked, it turns out that the demon ape that had just attacked me was level 5, while I was still level 1 before. Surprisingly, the status points I got are an odd number. Getting two levels up at once should get me an even number of status points for sure. Except for one thing to be sure of, there is the addition of status points as a bonus from what I had done.As you know, I just defeated a demon ape that was several levels higher. It could be, that's why I got one extra status point.Feeling quite curious about the ag
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Act In Caution
Another one has fallen. I've overthrown a dozen demon apes and advanced several levels. Despite having defeated quite a number of demon apes, in fact my level increase was not as much as the demon apes I defeated. The higher the level, the greater the intake for me to advance to a higher level. Whoops! “The edge of the Valley of Skeletons is still not visible…” I say after descending from a tall tree branch to look around the area. Valley of Skeletons, I thought I would find many skulls in this valley. But as far as I've gone, I haven't seen a single skull. In fact, most of the ones I meet or rather attack me are demon apes that seem to live in this valley. When my feet just landed on one of the supports, a scream sounds so loud. I believe, the scream came from a woman who is not far from where I am. Suddenly, I rush to the source of the sound. Having heard that scream, I know it was a scream of fear of something. Clearly, something is threatening her. [Swift Movement] The Agi
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Living Two Lives
It had been a few days since I had a strange dream, which was a dream about the Trial of Heroes and an amazing fantasy world. I just realized one very important thing, the dream I had was affecting my physical body.The wound I received when I first received the surprise attack from the demon ape I just realized was on the back, the back which was my physical body and not the body in a dream. From the start, I did feel that there was something odd about the dream. But from the bottom of my heart, I always try to deny my thoughts.And most importantly, I felt a change in my body. The sensation when the body in the dream world had a drastic increase in dexterity, apparently happened to my physical body as well.It's hard to believe that I can move so fast, fast far beyond the world's recognized athletes.I realized it too late, because the first sensation I had was when I first experienced an increase in body agility. So when I woke up at that time, I didn't feel anything strange. Of co
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Unwanted Achievements Part 1
I immediately plop down on the bed as soon as I got home without minding my unchanging clothes. The comfort provided by this simple bed made my eyelids feel heavier, until they finally closed. But as usual, instead of falling asleep into a dream world that is just a fantasy, I wake up again in a dream world that felt real. I want to cry, because I'm really tired of all this. Not so different from in real life, the drowsiness hit me again. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I tried to sleep, my consciousness remained awake. The longer I closed my eyes in a conscious state, the more sore my eyelids felt. “Sigh... How annoying...” In the end, I am only required to accept all that happened gracefully. Silence will not solve the problem. So, I just need to live this life with passion. No matter how mentally exhausted this is, I have to keep moving forward. Imagining an illustration of a face that had recently been engraved in my mind, I step steadily to go to the Holy Altar. Th
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Unwanted Achievements Part 2
“I am Elrene Viane, the only daughter of Duchess Elrumy Viane…” Elrene, the girl I saved that time I meet her again. She introduces herself gracefully as if she really is the daughter of a noble in medieval Europe. I don't know how to respond, because this girl named Elrene could actually be playing a trick on me by acting so gracefully. In the end, I just waved before turning my attention to the broadcast screen. Staring at my Iron Knife for a moment, then I look back at the broadcast screen on the stone block. “Perhaps, someone has already completed the first mission…” I mutter. I turn my head for a moment without saying anything to Elrene. Looking back at the broadcast screen, a line containing the details of the first mission I touch. Then, a new screen appears to display the contents of the details of the first mission. A button to report the progress of the mission completion appears at the very bottom of the screen, then I press the button after I considered it to actually
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Keep Being Myself
The second mission never be appeared. I just found out from Elrene that no matter how fast one completes the mission, to go to the next mission one has to wait for all the Hero Candidates to successfully complete the current mission. If the Hero Candidate is declared unable to continue to participate in the Trial Of Heroes for some reason, the next mission will be continued with the decision that the Hero Candidate who is unable to complete the current mission is declared failed and will be thrown to a random place. Random places, sometimes arriving at the most terrible places, sometimes arriving at the happy places to live a normal life. After a few days passed, for the umpteenth time I wake up in a dream that I do not know what it is. Luckily, I now have the Ghost Sprinter Gear which one of its functions can restore my mental fatigue and strengthen it instead. In the end, I fall asleep in the dream world after nightfall and wake up again in the real world to welcome the cloudy
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Meet Her Again, Again In Vain
Noticing my arrival, the woman turns her head. Then, she flashes a smile that I swiftly carve into my mind."H-hi..." I greeted after walking towards her."Hi, we meet again..." the woman greets me back.I chuckle and scratch my sideburns awkwardly.Learning from past experiences, I immediately sit beside her without needing to ask her permission. I may have done a heroic stunt not long ago, but I'm still myself.Being near this woman who had captured my heart makes me feel an extraordinary sense of nervousness again.Faintly visible, my fingers are trembling slightly.Stealing glances in silence at the woman beside me, my heart is pounding even more. Beads of sweat start to form on my forehead. My breath feels heavy for some reason, even though when I saved the previous pair of mother and child it didn't make the rhythm of my breath shake.I want to scream to let go of all this nervousness, but I can't do it.I want to have a small talk with her, but I don't know what to say.I want
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Next To Her Being Mad
One day, two days, three days passed, I did not meet her again at the same time in the same place.However, today it seems luck is on my side. The woman I missed seems to be standing waiting for the bus as far as I walk towards her. I've been going home by bus for the past few days, because this is what I expected to happen.The previous two meetings, I didn't have the readiness to be able to venture to ask her name. But now, I'm ready for it.I see, the woman does not notice my presence. Even standing behind her, I still do not notice her. So, I touch the woman's shoulder with my index finger hesitantly to get her attention.Feeling someone touches her shoulder, the woman looked back before flinching slightly to see me standing not far from her."Oh hi? Do you need something with me?”I’m shocked after discovering, the face I see right now is not the face that had been engraved in my mind."Ah!? I'm sorry, I'm wrong. You’re not her...” I awkwardly mix with embarrassment shaking my he
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A Rumor About Me
Finally, the second mission appeared after a long wait. [Stealth] Using the skill I just activated, I was able to blend in with other people without anyone noticing my presence. So, I found out that the appearance of this second mission wasn't from the hidden Holy Altar or let's say it like that. In fact, the Holy Altar that was previously only I knew about started being visited by people a while ago. I knew, this second mission is quite challenging after I knew the objective of the mission. This monster that I just took down is a monster that has just appeared with a new level. It is one of the signs of the start of the second mission, which is to stay alive for the allotted time or defeat as many monsters as possible. The time for the completion of the second mission has been confirmed, a month from now. This is a sign that the second mission will be completed simultaneously, not individually. For those who are able to defeat the monsters will be rewarded with something that
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