Assassin System in a Magical World

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Assassin System in a Magical World

By: Terneptha OngoingFantasy

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In a world where magic is king, being a regular human is dangerous. So dangerous that there are very few non-magical humans left, and they only survive with the protection of mages. Mages feel a mixture of pity and revulsion for these un-evolved humans, and call them Zombies, for, without magic, they are lifeless. Most zombies are resigned to their fate, happy to live and work in the shadows of the great mage cities and living simple lives. They keep to themselves to avoid the cruelty and prejudice of some mages, and count themselves lucky to be left alone. The world is filled with powerful magic, dark spirits, terrifying monsters and mages of great power. Zombies should be happy they get to live at all. This is the story of one Zombie who had enough, and, through a twist of fate, finds the means to become stronger.

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  • Terneptha


    The main character is grows a lot, not just with the system, but as a person. I am biased of course, since I'm the author .... I hope you enjoy my story.

    2023-01-14 13:05:14
  • Hubert Magoon


    Good book but you the upload schedule isn’t fixed and I don’t know when the next update will be already been like 2 weeks

    2023-02-26 03:43:20
  • Hubert Magoon


    Wtf is chapter 69-70 ??

    2023-02-01 00:22:26
  • SkeXof


    Only got to chapter 4 so far, seems well written and a good storyline

    2024-02-13 14:43:28
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125 chapters
The boy who didn't die
"Take that, you little shit." The speaker had a loud and high pitched voice, the kind that set your nerves on edge just hearing it. The man was on the short side, with fat cheeks, and a round belly pushing the front of his rich green robe forward. He waved his hand and the teenager in front of him was knocked back into the alley wall. A groan escaped his lips as a puff of dust billowed away from the brick surface. His long dirty hair fell across his face, but he still looked up at the mage who was hurting him. "I don't know why all of you zombies haven't been sent to the mana stone pits. What is the point of living without magic?" the chubby man said. He snapped his fingers and the air shimmered around the boy, as if from a great heat, then the boy's clothes lit on fire. "Arrrgh," he yelled, not looking defiant any longer. He rolled on the dirty cobblestones of the street, through puddles of questionable origin, but the flames didn't extinguish. He started tearing off his c
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Green Robes
“He certainly bled enough,” Sheriff Wintersbane said, looking down at the pudgy corpse. He pushed his dark curls from his eyes as he looked around the alleyway. Even in mid-morning, it was still dark here. ‘Perfect spot for an attack,’ he thought. “We’ve identified him, Sheriff sir. This is Bannon Brightbough...” a young constable in navy robes said. He nervously adjusted the badge of office pinned to his breast, a gold heart with scales in the foreground. “Brightbough. Dammit. I don’t suppose, miraculously, he isn’t related to Advisor Brightbough?” “His Nephew, Sir.” “Shit.” Wintersbane looked at the scene more closely. “This murder just became a lot more important Constable. Lock this scene down, and then get the head analyst down here as soon as possible,” he said, then turned away. “Where are you going? Sir?” “I need to go tell the Emperor’s Advisor about his nephew. Wish me luck.” He waved as he kept walking to his carriage. The same symbol was emblazoned across
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Journey Home
The sun was rising higher as Shinra walked away from the gate, having had no trouble leaving. ‘Guards are always happy to see Zombies leave.’ This close to the gates, he wasn’t worried about his safety yet, but he had a few kilometres to travel before reaching the Zombie tent village he lived in with his sister. A small group of younger men and women walked with him along the way. Shinra tried not to look at them too closely, but he could see the bruises and damage typical of Zombies that worked ‘night shifts’ with the cruel mages. ‘Everyone needs to find a way to help feed their families, but I will never let my sister lay with a damn Mage.’ It was just part of their life, Zombies weren’t even second class citizens. As Shinra saw last night, a mage wasn’t worried at all about killing him. ‘The rules aren’t enforced equally. I guess it is better to get paid for what a mage could do by force,’ the thought made him sick. Then he remembered that the Mage last night paid with hi
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Assassin System... Level 1
Hearing those words, Shinra knew this was bad. There were 15 zombies, including himself, and he bet his dagger was the only weapon. ‘It worked on that bastard last night, but he was not expecting it, and within striking distance. This guy probably has a few spells that can take us all out without even getting off his horse.’ Shinra looked around, seeing if there was anywhere to hide, but the road was bordered by fields with only waist high grass. He reached up to touch the hidden dagger. [Assassination System: Lv 1] [Online] [Assessing] . . . . . . . . [Combat is already engaged. Assassin is not the primary target] [Target is a Mage Knight: Lv 5] [Difficulty rated high. Success probability Low] ‘What the hell is happening!’ Shinra screamed in his head. He watched as Woodruff moved his horse closer, and everyone cowered more. The group felt like a coiled spring, they could scatter or break out in tears at any moment. [Unlocking Skill Tree] . . . . . .
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Experience Points
‘Not a ghost… but not normal. I can’t see really through myself, but it feels like I almost can. Am I solid?’ he asked, then poked his arm. Solid. His clothes, and even the skin of his hand, had taken an ash grey and coal black colouring. The pattern was random, but it moved and adjusted as he watched. ‘This colouring would blend in well with the grey cobbles of the road and the shadows cast on it. Is this what Fade does? It helps me camouflage.’ He looked over at the Knight and the girls. He had already finished with the blonde girl. She was sobbing on the ground. Large welts covered her naked back. ‘He probably hit her with the flat of his blade,’ Shinra thought. He looked on in disgust as the Knight, Woodruff, strutted over to the next girl in line. She was a short brown haired girl that Shinra recalled being very well endowed. The thought made him feel guilty. “You’re next,” Woodruff said, and grabbed around her chest roughly. “Ahhhhrgghhh,” she cried in pain. ‘
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Chaotic Neutral
Shinra wiped the blade off and started rummaging through the man’s belongings. ‘I’m alive. Holy shit.’ Now that the adrenaline had come down, he couldn’t believe he was still alive. And he was rich. The Knight had a bag of coins on him, and his weapons, armour and supplies could be useful. ‘Can I take the horse? No, that would be stupid. I’d be found out immediately. How could a zombie like me afford a horse like this!?’ Still, he put everything that seemed useful or sellable into one of the saddle bags, and started running down the road, away from the body he’d left behind. [Ding] His head rang, and he slowed down. ‘Is this the system thing again?’ Shinra had almost forgotten about it in his rush to escape. Really, the fight had taken all of his focus. [Achievement met: Mage Knight Lvl 5 Executed] Unlike the first time, Shinra was having trouble seeing anything other than the text in front of him. It would be dangerous to keep running, so he sat down in the grass a f
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Level 2 Skills
Shinra was stunned. He was laying defenceless in the grass, but somehow he seemed to be getting more powerful. ‘I mean, am I? What do these numbers really mean?’ They had increased a lot from his baseline value, but would these increases be noticeable? [Health 300] [Strength 25] [Speed 40] [Intelligence 21] [Dexterity 45] [Charisma 6] [Wisdom 13] [Magic 0] ‘Health, strength, speed, intelligence, those all seem straightforward. I guess I understand what charisma and wisdom are, but what is dexterity? It must be important, it was buffed as a core assassin skill.’ Speed, Intelligence, Dexterity and Wisdom were the core assassination skills, apparently. Shinra wasn’t sure why Health and Strength weren't there. ‘Why is magic at 0? My skills must be magic, and the System too, right?’ [Dexterity is the measure of your ability to make subtle and precise movements. It is also related to the accuracy of your sense of touch. Dexterity is valuable for throwing projectil
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Shadow Monster
Sam, Gilmo and Frodi took their time heading back to check on Woodruff. He was only dealing with some zombies, and they worried they would get back just in time to only help with the clean up.“Better to show up after he’s finished, there is no way he’s still playing around with them by now.”“Do you think Lord Jala thought he was doing us a favour by sending us here?” Gimlo said.“Ha! That would be the day. He’s like any Mage lord, he doesn’t give a damn for anyone but himself. He only sent us on the fool’s errand to save him a little embarrassment.”“True. The young Lord Matthew was bawling like a baby. That Zombie harlot must have some amazing charms to ensorcel him like that without any magic. Hopefully Woodruff will at least tell us how she was,” Sam said with an evil grin.They could see Woodruff’s horse eating some grass at the side of the road, but his saddle was empty, and he was a little closer to the city than where they left the zombies earlier.“Huh, that’s strange
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 ‘Shinra doesn’t often stay out all night and all morning.  He’s alright though, I know it.’  Naori had unshakeable confidence in her older brother.  Others thought he was cold and questioned his morality, but she knew that he would move the heavens to keep them safe.  ‘That kind of love should be appreciated,’ Naori knew this well, zombies didn’t have a lot of time for sentimentality, but emotions drove their lives.  Unfortunately the dominant emotion was fear. She busied herself in their hovel.  Shinra had built it himself using salvaged wood planks, wood he’d finished himself with ‘borrowed’ tools and river clay.  It wasn’t pretty, but they had enough room to stand up and move around.  There was a table, a raised bedding area in the corner, a fire pit in the centre and sev
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“Lord Jala, I think we need to consider the long term picture here,” Solus said.  He waved his hand and he was holding a chilled glass of wine, taken from his secret cellar.  He loved hand made wine, properly aged.  Magic could make it faster, but all the craftsmanship was lost. A satisfied smile crossed his face as the tart liquid glided down his long throat.  He was a man of stretched proportions.  His narrow face matched his long arms, and spidery hands, but he carried himself calmly and always spoke carefully.“Solus, a man is dead!  We need to involve the Sheriffs and get to the bottom of this.”  Jala sat in a large comfortable chair, surrounded by attendants who were grooming his beard, filing his nails and rubbing his shoulders.  One attendant was nearby to
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