Chapter 60 - Getting Kidnapped

After a hard day of training, Dam Son, Xuan Li and Sugar Bun washed their bodies clean inside Jin Hennessy’s soothing onsen. This was the first time he had ever allowed them to bathe there, this meant he was beginning to warm up to them despite his abrasive demeanour.

Finished washing up, the students got dressed then prepare to leave for the Tower of Residence. Coming down the flight of stairs protruding the mountainside, Dam Son conversed with his companions about the perks of their training. Eventually, their conversation shifted to something else.

“Did you guys hear about the new arcade that recently opened up in the adjoining complex of the Page Coliseum?”

“I knew that long before you did, turtle.”

“This is the first time I’m hearing about it.” Dam Son was clueless. “What is an arcade?”

Sugar Bun answered. “It’s a cool place that has lots of fun games to play. Recently it has turned into the new hotspot for bored students. A fellow classmate told me that the arcade has imported u
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