Chapter 59 - Under Suspicion

On his way outside the laboratory, Dam Son walked by a dark-robed stranger who glanced at him menacingly. “Ouch, my head.” He felt a slight pain emerging from his forehead but it subsided the moment he went by the dark-robed man.

“Hmm…” The dark-robed man stopped at the laboratory’s entrance to stare back at Dam Son’s fading presence. Looking down at the Blue Kismet Coin in his palm, he thought internally, ‘Did my coin just react out of impulse just now or…?’ Not lingering too much on what he felt earlier, the dark-robed man entered the laboratory.

“Huh?” Turning his head to identify the intrusive presence, Vor Eyes recognized who it belonged to, “Brother your back? One of these days you’re going to give me a heart attack if you continue sneaking up on me like that.”

Getting straight to the point, Tor Eyes asked his little brother, “Who was that kid I saw coming out just now?”

“Oh, that’s the friend I spoke to you about last night, remember?”

“Friend? Is he a classmate of yours?”

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