Ben Chamberlain's Inheritance

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Ben Chamberlain's Inheritance

By: Maximilian Jared CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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It's 1990, Cossignton, England, fifteen year old Ben is an orphan, after the sad passing away of his mother. He is a strong, bold and emotional boy who also has a rebellious side to him. Still reeling from the loss, he now has the sole responsibility of taking care of his twin sister Betsy, who is crippled. Roseline is a woman with secrets and she will do everything to hide that secret but things started to fall apart when her best friend exposed that secret and to make matters worse, she had to contend with the fact that her husband, Gerard is the father of Ben who is the heir to his empire. Will Ben get his inheritance or will Roseline get Ben out of her way, keep her secret safe and be the sole heir to Gerard's empire.

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Chapter one
"Do you have this?" Ben asked and gave thestore attendant a piece of paper as he entered the pharmacy to get his sick mothers medication. The drugs were given to him and he paid for it "The money is incomplete." The attendant said as he was about leaving. "How do you mean", Ben asked, perplexed."You are short, five pounds""I thought the price was fifteen pounds?" "That was last week."the attendant said with a frown appearing on his face."Mate! I don't have five pounds to make it up." "Then you have to return the medication.""Please my mum is sick and she needs it very fast," Ben pleaded. "I am sorry. Its either you complete the moneyor return the medication."The attendant said.He was confused and had no idea what to do. He thought about making a run for it but threw that idea quickly out of his mind into the trash before it became reality. "Please my mum had an asthma attack this morning and her inhaler and drugs are exhausted. Please help me out." He said while on hi
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Chapter Two
Ben was lying face-down when the vermin thatwas snooping around his foot brought himback to consciousness."Bullocks!" He exclaimed as he felt a sharp pain at the side of his ribs when he tried sitting up. As he sat up, he also felt a pain at the back of his head.It was as though his head was hosting a rock concert. "Where am I ?" He asked himself, still oblivious of his present state of existence.He looked around the alley where darkness held sway, to have a recollection of what happened to him but the throbbing in his head did not allow him.He then closed his eyes and clutched his knees to his chest; placing his head between them. A few seconds later; the events of the past few hours, came back with a force that threathened to bust his head up................................................................................Flash back begins"God! were you ever going to stop", Scrawny said after catching up to them. Scrawny was bent over with his hands on his knees panting heavily.
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Chapter Three
"Hey come in James; How have you been?" Gerard Chamberlain said heartily." I have never been better Gerrard." James replied. "Unfortunately for you mate, I am going on a trip." "When will you be back?" James asked. "Let's say, I will be spending a week," Gerard answered. "Safe trip friend." "Thanks mate." Gerard answered and left the house for the airport. Gerard and James were close friends from their university days and they still continued that friendship. "Oh! There you are." Roseline said as she came down the staircase. "Gerard just left." James said with hands in his pocket. "Yea I know; that's how he always does." Rose said "Is anyone in the house right now?" James whispered. "No one, except for you and I." Roseline said brazely. James without wasting time rushed at Roselines lips and kissed her hard; and she responded to it with so much verve and vigour. "Let's go upstairs." James suggested. "We can't right now. Mendoza will be back any minute now." "Oh! What
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Chapter Four
After the burial of Sofia, Ben's mother, Ben and his sister continued to stay in the one room apartment. The apartment was part of the Farmhouse owned by Mrs. Palsy's.Ben's mum was a housemaid in the farmhouse working for Mrs. Palsy. Mrs. Palsy agreed to allow them to stay on due to the persuation of people from the church Sofia attended.But it was also on the condition that they did farm chores and not loaf around for doing nothing.In spite of Betsy's condition, she assited her brother. Ben was feeding the pigs while Betsy was feeding poultry birds. While he was working he paused to rest.His hands found its way into his pocket; he picked something out of it. It was a piece of paper that had an address on it.The paper reminded him of the events of the day his mother kicked the bucket.................................................................................Flashback begins"I am your brother," the boy in the hood said."That can not be." Ben said."Its true Ben." The boy
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Chapter Five
"How is she?" Ben asked Dr. Mekenzie immediately he came out to the reception."She is okay at the moment but she is sick." "But what caused her to collapse? Its not like, I over worked her on the farm." Mrs. Palsy said uncaringly. The doctor gave her a look that was laced with questions. Mrs. Palsy just looked away."She was weak that's what caused her collapse." Dr. Mekenzie said with the expression he gave her earlier. "But what caused her to be weak to the point of collapsing." Ben asked worriedly."Come into my office please, let's talk in there." In the office, Dr. Mekenzie continued,"We.did a test on her, after I noticed the paleness of her skin; I realized there was an issue." "What sickness?" Ben asked alarmed."She has Acute Myeloid Leukaemia; and the situation is not looking good." Mrs. Palsy said nothing. She looked disinterested."Doctor I am surprised because she never complained about feeling sick," Ben said. "And no one noticed anything sickly about her all this
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Chapter Six
"What kind of question is that James"? Rose asked with a stunned look."Don't toy with me Rose; who is the father of Casey?""Its Gerard of course; Whose else, would it be?" Rose said, avoiding his gaze."Then take a look at this." James gave her a piece of paper."What is this?" She asked; taking it from him reluctantly. She scanned it hastily and her expression changed suddenly like the weather. "How did you get this?" She said with fear written all over her face."It doesn't matter how I got it. Just tell me the truth."Rose was dumbstruck. She felt the world spinning round and everything was upside down."James how did you get this?" She asked again."Rose stop wasting my time and tell me what I need to know." James yelled."I do not know what to say." Rose said."Rose, listen to me," He said cupping her face in his hands. "Just speak to me; tell me the truth, please."She looked up at James and she was a bit relaxed."Casey, is your daughter." She said as she sank on the bed"
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Chapter Seven
Thank you Mr. Harry." Mary said to her neighbor a former medic in the army. "She is conscious now but she needs to get to the hospital." "We will be taking her there tomorrow." Mary said. "She is in a critical stage. She might not pull through if this occurs again." Mr. Harry warned. "Thank you once again." Mary said Mr. Harry just nodded and left. "What do we do now?" Ben asked frenziedly. "I don't know Ben, I don't know." Aunt Mary sighed Henry was on the phone with someone. "Let me look at the things that I can pawn." Mary said. Betsy was resting but her paleness was very evident.Henry signalled to Ben for them to go outside after Henry was done with his conversation over the phone. "Ben we have to do something fast so that Betsy can begin chemo now." Henry said "Yea! she ought to have started it like yesterday." Ben replied. There was a brief silence. "But how do we get money?" Ben asked with worry as his companion. "I think I have an idea on how we can get money." He
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Chapter Eight
Thank you Mr. Harry." Mary said to her neighbor a former medic in the army."She is conscious now but she needs to get to the hospital.""We will be taking her there tomorrow." Mary said."She is in a critical stage. She might not pull through if this occurs again." Mr. Harry warned."Thank you once again." Mary saidMr. Harry just nodded and left."What do we do now?" Ben asked frenziedly."I don't know Ben, I don't know." Aunt Mary sighedHenry was on the phone with someone."Let me look at the things that I can pawn." Mary said.Betsy was resting but her paleness was very evident. Henry signalled to Ben for them to go outside after Henry was done with his conversation over the phone."Ben we have to do something fast so that Betsy can begin Chemo now."Henry said"Yea! she ought to have started it like yesterday." Ben replied.There was a brief silence. "But how do we get money?" Ben asked with worry as his companion."I think I have an idea on how we can get money." Henry said"But
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Chapter Nine
It was some minutes to midnight and Ben and Henry were wondering why their aunt was not yet around."I guess the rain, couldn't let aunt Mary be here."Ben said."I guess so." Henry replied.They had not talked much since the incident at the jewelry store."What went wrong Henry?" Ben asked"I really don't know Ben." He replied"What do you mean that you don't know?""Exactly what it means; I do not know." He yelled at Ben"But you promised nothing was going to go wrong Henry." Ben yelled at Henry."I said so but things happen, right?" Henry said."This is Bad. Does it mean my sister will die?" Ben said aloud but more to himself than to Henry."No she won't Ben. She won't. We will get out of here and makesure she is taken care of." Henry assured Ben."It was some minutes after 1:00 a.m. and Aunt Mary was still not around.They both began to worry. "I hope nothing happened to her." Henry said.Ben did not say anything but he had that eerie feeling he always had when he felt something
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Chapter Ten
Chapter TenTwo days later Aunt Mary came out of coma. At firstIt took her sometime to remember the events of the past few days that she was in a coma.But after some few hours she was able to recall what happened some few days ago."Your aunt is awake." Detective Chad told them.They were glad. They hoped that the four days they hadspent in the police station was going to end soon but theyboth knew things would never be the same with Besty gone."Can we go to see her?" Henry asked.He thought about it then nodded his head in the positive.They were transported there to the hospital, closely guarded and watched.When Aunt Mary saw the boys she was elated and glad."How are you boys?"She managed to say.Henry and Ben just looked at each other and said nothing."You ought not to have drove in the night especially with the bad weather." Ben said.If you both had listened to me, I wouldn't have done that""I am sorry Mary." Ben said."I can see the policemen outside." She said"Yes
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