The Mega comeback of Peter Jackson

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The Mega comeback of Peter Jackson

By: Rich Peter OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Peter and Mary used to be a happy couple, until Mary was promoted as the new managing director of Williamson group. After this, Mary started feeling that Peter was not a good match for her anymore and proposed a divorce. However, Mary was not aware that Lisa, who is the head of a conglomerate that rules over all companies in the country, will take an interest in her husband, Peter. Mary's future success will then depend on Lisa's favor, which will be primarily influenced by Peter.

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Chapter one
"Mr Peter, I'm here to pass to you the information your wife sent me." Eve said to Peter Jacobson with a smirk reaction on her face.Peter was Mary’s husband, while Eve was her personal assistant."So my wife can no longer come out of her office to meet me but you?" He questioned. He was invited to her new office for the first time, three weeks after she assumed the position of the managing director of the Williamson group, a multimillion dollar company.Peter wondered what she was about to say but he felt bad not being able to see her in person, all his hope was to see her."She's quite busy so she can't come to see you, and besides it isn't so significant to see you before she can pass her message across to you!" The PA said with so much of an irritated expression on her face."Then don't bother about passing the information to me. I'm her husband, whenever she's ready to tell me, she will come see me." He was about to rise and go when Eve stopped him"She wants a divorce!” she blur
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Chapter two
Peter decided to go to the park to sit and think of this disappointment that had befallen him. His heart was heavy, right there he didn't know where to go. As Mary has divorced him, she's sure to send him out of the apartment her family gave her right from when she was a teen.Her mother wouldn’t even let him step foot into the house again now that he wasn’t a part of their family anymore."How am I going to survive?" He asked himself. He didn't want to show these emotions while he was with her, it would cause her to laugh at him."I'm so frustrated right now!" He grunted, dropping his hands which he was using to support his chins. Mary was richer than him, her family was well to do, so she most of the time took care of him before she attained her current status. Even before his divorce, she did see to his needs although sometimes it came with bits of insults.He would have overlooked it if she didn't ask for a divorce as he loved her so much. Seeing the way he loved and had her genui
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Chapter three
Vivian stood there seeming defeated, she turned around to watch as Peter was leaving. She didn't want him to leave scotfree without being hurt. She saw at that point a van of SWAT which was the most ruthless sect of the police force patrolling, she raised her voice welling."Help! Help! Come back here, you have injured my daughter’s boyfriend!" She kept screaming. "Please help, officers. He abused me and my daughter, assaulted her boyfriend, now he's getting away!"She even had fake tears in her eyes, after this thought came up in her mind, she hurriedly took up a razor and slashed her wrist and punched her face so hard that it became red. This she did to lay the accusation on Peter, so the police would believe."Heyy, heyy!" The cops went after Peter. He was still walking along the pathway, almost reaching the gate of the park when he felt heavy grips from both sides. He turned immediately, he almost fainted seeing these ruthless officers in black."Come here with us!" They forced hi
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Chapter four
"But Mary, you can't just let this poor asshole harass us this way, he wouldn't ever have respect for us and you in particular no matter who you later become!" Vivian emphasized. She kept insisting that her daughter do something. "It's not a small position, being a managing director!" With time, Mary's anger was fuming. It increased as her mother was talking more to her. "Mom, you don't need to worry, I'll handle this. Take him(Cynthia’s boyfriend) to the nearest clinic, then the physiotherapist will take care of his condition." She could always find a way to deal with him without Lisa’s knowledge. Vivian was now happy, she could now go away with her second daughter. While they went away, she picked up her phone to call Peter, her ex-husband. This call hit Peter while he was inside the car with Lisa. Lisa was such a free person, she gestured to him to pick the call with a smile. He was surprised by this gesture. He tapped on the accept button. "Hello, why are you calling me now?
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Chapter five
"No wonder Mr. Thompson hasn’t been seen by public eyes these days. This is really bad!" Peter wondered inside of him. But he tried his best not to judge, it wasn't his fault after all.He was keen on making Mr. Thompson well, this time around not really because of money but out of his love for helping people, according to news, Mr. Thompson hasn't been able to rule his company effectively for a while, Lisa has been the acting CEO kept in his place for the meantime. Peter wanted to use this chance well. This was a great privilege."A lot of doctors, both foreign and local had been employed to treat him, but none could, some say surgery would be needed while others say it's pre-cancer symptoms. No one says anything positive."Oh. So why do you believe in me?" He asked her, curious. Why she believed in him if the expert doctors could not do it."Because your wife told me about you, giving me so many cases you've successfully treated for free!" He was a bit down, upon seeing that it was
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Chapter six
Though Peter was still confident in his skills, he felt it was needed he withdrew on time, he didn't want any further accusations from the family members. "These people wouldn't believe me no matter what I do, it's best I withdraw now!" Picking his phone, he was about to leave. Lisa sensed this, she became unhappy. "Please begin the treatment, you don't have to mind all these bunch of fools!" She said, trying to make him stay. "If it was just you, I'd stay but I'd like to fulfill their wish so that they might have peace of mind." He insisted. "And I insist," the senior doctor said. "He should leave. If you like you take it, if you don't like it, you leave, madam," he said with a very serious face. "From the facts I've derived about Mr. Thompson's condition, it's a sign of cerebral palsy. He would be bedridden for life if he doesn’t get a surgery in two weeks." Joel was back into the room without them knowing. "I know what she's trying to do, she wants Mr. Thompson to die so she
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Chapter seven
Peter tapped Mr. Thompson gently behind his right ear and then his left ear, twice. He began to massage it slowly, people standing around wondered why he was doing, especially the doctor that said he would kneel before him should he revive Mr. Thompson."What's this fool doing here, let him get out of here. He's only going to compound issues!" He moved forward to push Peter off the side of Mr. Thompson's bed but Lisa came up in front of him, standing on his way and giving him deadly stares."If you go near him again, I'll fight you!"For Lisa to sound this way, they knew it was serious and all retreated."Why are you always bent on causing confusion here?" She talked back at him.The doctor tried to avoid the gaze. Everyone's attention once returned to Peter and Mr. Thompson, when they watched his heartbeat and pulse, it was reversing back to normal.The next moment Mr. Thompson was seated on his bed, calm and quite thoughtful."What's happening? What happened to me?" Peter was so gla
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Chapter eight
Lisa was the happiest person in the world. She could even give peter the world if she had the power. Since she did not have the power to, she had to settle for what she could give him.She could not stop thanking him, even though he told her not to anymore.One of the things she gave him was gold wrist watch with diamond and topaz stones on it.“You really do not have to.” He said to her. “I can not simply wear this on my poor skin.” He said to her.“You deserve this and so much more!” she assured him.At that moment, two black Lexus swept by. They blocked the black G-wagon in the front and rear. More than eight men got out of the car, looking so tall and rugged with eye patches like sailors of ancient days who were believed to have lost one eye. They approached the car, armed with weapons, and others with covered faces. A bald, burly man who seemed to be the leader set his foot on the wagon's bonnet.Brandishing his knife, he threatened, “Miss Lisa, my boss wants to meet you. We will
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Chapter nine
“Lisa, you need to be more cautious next time. All bad things happen in just a day!,” Peter warned.“Kann Ben is just a crazy bastard. However, he has strong allies backing him up. I’m not going to do anything about this yet. I'll plan well before going to ask him what's going on!"Lisa narrowed her eyes. It would be rash to attack right now. She would take all of them down in one blow with Peter!“As long as you have a plan, that’s alright.” Peter nodded."Peter, you've done so much, more than expected, I have no way to pay you back.” Lisa fluttered her eyelashes sexily, running her hand through her hips.“It’s no trouble at all,” Peter replied carelessly.“No, we owe you too much! I must return the favor!” With that, Lisa shot him a sexy smile whining her body gently like a slow motion snake.“Can I repay you first of all with my body before we marry?“What?” Peter was as shocked as hell.He never thought this is what Lisa would say. Taking a closer look, he found that her beauty wa
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Chapter ten
Mary finally recognized the man. After she found out the truth about that fight, she had been feeling guilty about it. Mary decided to address the misunderstanding she had with him the other day. This was her chance and a rare privilege since he doesn't attends events like this and wouldn't even pick her call. She walked up to him.“Peter!”Mary was about to continue when she stopped in her tracks. She noticed a striking figure next to Peter. The woman was dressed in a skin-tight, fiery red dress that showcased her tiny waist and alluring curves.Lisa!“Mary, nice to meet you. How may I be of help to you?” Peter’s eyes widened when he saw Mary walking toward him, but his gaze turned cold in a moment.“What a coincidence seeing you here.”Mary choked back the speech she had prepared to explain herself and greeted Peter stiffly, especially seeing Lisa. She thought she was with him for only that day.If someone had told her this was her ex's new love interest, she wouldn't have believed
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