Chapter 111: The Romantic Drama

Stunned, I grabbed my clothes off the floor before running into the bathroom, closing the door behind me and flipping the lock. I leaned against the back of the door, almost naked, trying to control my ragged breathing. I looked up at the ceiling to stop my tears from falling. I am very disappointed in myself.

I think I hear the sound of muffled voices coming from the room, and I try to steady my breathing so I can hear what's going on. But, nothing. No noise, no talking...nothing. Damn me for being half naked so I can't escape. Instead, I fled to the bathroom, hiding like a desperate tart. I am not comfortable with these feelings. I'm really ashamed of myself. I have been cheated on many times, and I have destroyed all the women who interfered in my relationships. Over many bottles of wine, I have condemned them, badmouthed them, and asked them for truly merciless vengeance. Now, I am one of them. I groaned, hitting the heel of my hand on my forehead. Crazy girl!

When I heard the doo
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