Chapter 112: Telephone Rings

I thought quickly. 'My car has new brakes. I forgot to remove my house key.'She accepted my excuse without further question. 'There's a spare door key in the pot by the kitchen window.' He ran back up the stairs and I followed, quickly opening a bottle of wine before rummaging through the fridge for something to eat. No one takes my wish. Wine will do. 'Yes, please.' Pearl came back into the kitchen. She's already jimmy-jammed up, and I can't wait to join her. I pour her a glass while trying to morph my face into anything other than the shocked expression that I know is still visible.

'I'm going to change and call Mama,' I turned around, carrying my wine. 'I'll meet you on the sofa soon.' 'Cold,' I really need to talk to Mom. Pearl is my best friend, but you can't beat your Mom when you want comfort. Not that I can tell her why I need comfort. She will be afraid.

After I put on my baggy pants and vest top, I lay on my bed and called my Mom Ayah. I called Mom Ayah Isabel when I want to
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