The Strongest Player is a Demon Lord

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The Strongest Player is a Demon Lord

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Merlin is the strongest player of Requiem. But when his allies decided to kill him, he is given a second chance to reincarnate - the strongest player becomes a Demon Lord!


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192 chapters
The Emperor of Requiem
Requiem. The VMMORPG that has taken the world by storm. This game is a lot different from its counterparts because of one thing – metamorphosis. The world of Requiem is constantly evolving. With each world quest and secret quest completed within it, some things change. Either for the better or for the worse.Killing a bishop might make a despot priest take his place, creating a cult that spells trouble for the players. Receiving a blessing from a king might turn a player as potential target for other kingdoms. Sometimes, even enough to begin a war. Then there are monster hunts. Boss fights. Adventures. Friendships. Betrayals. Special events.All these and more adds excitement and challenge to the game, especially the part where Requiem changes on a daily basis. A feature that isn’t present on other games. But this dynamicity isn’t even the only thing worthy of praise.Everything within the environment is detailed to the point that this fantasy world can be mistaken for reality. Every
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The White Room
“Ladies and Gentlemen, AVALON!” The announcer Vile_Bard (V.B.) screamed.There is a large floating screen in the middle of the plaza – showing the events that transpired within the war of the nine guilds against Avalon. The same thing appears on all cities and towns of Requiem. The war is broadcasted live after all. There is no way that such a rare event would be allowed to pass without proper footage. That is why the world government funded it. Even showing the events to those in the real world. Broadcasting it across all streaming sites.“There’s nothing like it. In the blink of an eye, the Emperor of Requiem has taken down all nine guilds by himself!” The announcer TatterTalks (T.T.) added.On screen, a zoomed in face of Merlin Warlock is shown. Silvery white hair tied to a high pony, crystal blue eyes and ivory white skin. A chiseled jawline and a fine body – covered by the robe of the greatest mage. Made with the dark blue scales of the Sky Dragon and adorned by golden silk take
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The Emperor of Inferno
Seven days. After seven days, the twelve members of Avalon began their battle in hell. That’s what players call it. But the real name of this place is Inferno. The place is filled with miasma, a substance that continuously drains the health points of those within it. A repugnant scent of rotting corpses, mixed with other vile scents linger in the air. Insides-twisting enough to make anyone want to throw up. The walls and the ground are seemingly made of flesh. Bare flesh with the faces of the damned being mixed into it – desperately screaming for them to be saved. If touched, and it also feels disgusting, the screams will turn into ear-deafening screeches. This is why nobody likes venturing Inferno. There are as many weak monsters in this plane as there are in Purgatorio and Paraiso. But the difference is that, the atmosphere here in Inferno makes anyone feel like they have actually descended into literal hell. The domain of the demons where all are tortured justly. Paying for the
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World's End
Darkness.That is all that Merlin can see around him. Pitch-black darkness.He does not think that this is the afterlife. Merlin does not believe in such. In the concept of heaven or hell – believing it does not merit his life on earth. No heaven can save him from what he goes through every day, and no hell has ever punished evildoers that has ever come to be known.Now this darkness can also mean that he is blinded, or that his virtual gear is still on his head. Both do not seem to be the case because a better explanation presented itself. Literally.“I gotta admit, that was a bit anti-climactic.” A child-like voice said, echoing across the entirety of emptiness.It didn’t take long for the source to reveal itself. Something that didn’t take Merlin by surprise too much. He’s been with this almost every day after all. Yes. The voice he just heard seemingly came from his spellbook – World’s End.The spellbook is suspended on air. High above where Merlin is. The form then shifted to tha
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The New Earth - Requiem
[System Loading…][Collecting data from the Demon Lord Azazel…][Collecting data from the player Merlin Warlock…][Data Merge is underway…]Merlin felt something different. He’s warm and cold at the same time. It’s not a pleasant feeling, more like a tug of war between these two sensations. Where one wants to win over the other. Then there is the still darkness. Merlin can’t feel his limbs, nor any other part of his body for that matter. But his mind is intact, smudged and unreliable still, but intact.[10%][20%][Failed][Restarting data merge…]He has no control over this screen that he is seeing in front of him. It’s probably under Requiem’s command, are the words running through his head. Ah yes, his thinking is now becoming clearer at least. But that just makes the experience all the more dreadful. A clear mind won’t help him get out of there – it’ll only cause him worries.[10%][25%][Failed][Restarting data merge…]Slowly but surely the feeling of warmth on his veins began t
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Taste of Blood
Kobolds. These are the normal monsters that can be found within a cave. Kobolds tend to live within closed spaces such as these – similar to goblins. Though a major difference is that kobolds are better at handling weapons and setting up traps. Evident in how they are able to capture the woman that is fleeing from them.“NOOOO!”The woman screamed from the top of her lungs. Frantically running for her life – with her vision being tunneled to the path in front of her. That’s why she isn’t able to see the kobold arrow that struck her from the side. Making her fall down as it pierced her waist. The searing pain being evident from her scream.“AHHHHHH!”The woman will die. A couple more seconds and her life will be forfeit. She can feel this. The cold and alienating embrace of death. Welcoming her to the nothingness that comes shortly after. But Merlin isn’t going to let this happen.“Flicker.” The half-demon teleported to the nearest kobold. Utilizing one of his two starting skills. [Sk
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Clearing a Hurdle
There are reasons for Merlin’s advantage in the fight.The primary one is because he’s Merlin. The name has a weight on it – that which carries the title of the Emperor of Requiem. Unlike his former guildmates who climbed their way through the ranks with the use of money, Merlin is able to achieve this solely through the use of his skills. A large portion of which is his vast knowledge of the world of Requiem. There isn’t any other player who has reached his level of understanding of the game. Sure there are guides and other sources of information, but there are certain things that only Merlin knows. Things which he learned by understanding the game’s logic. The same thing that drew [World’s End] towards him.That’s not all. There is actually a factor of equal importance that made the entirety of this bout flow in his favor. That is, the other skill that he has. Not the one that he kept on using since the beginning. No. The other skill which you, dear spectator, have not been told of
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The Encounter
[Baphomet’s Dungeon.] That’s what Merlin saw when he accessed the incomplete map looted from the female adventurer’s items. He already had an idea that this might be the case – judging from the feel of the place and, from the recent encounter with the woman and the kobolds. “Baphomet’s Dungeon huh.” Merlin remembers the place. More precisely, he remembers the information connected to it. One of the reasons why he became the “Emperor of Requiem” is because he read all of the files of the game. The lore. The tutorials. The dialogues. Maize takes every detail into account. That’s how he’s able to attain [World’s End] as a mere [Level 15] magician. That’s how he sharply rose to power. Overtaking everyone without any delay. As for this dungeon, he knows that it’s not supposed to exist. It’s a place that’s already cleared in the main storyline. Meaning, when the VMMORPG “Requiem” began, this place is already destroyed – a thing of interest for him right now. After all, it’s because o
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Gerald the Vanguard
“Get up Merlin!” Gerald’s voice echoed through the empty training hall of Avalon. The walls are painted gray, with training dummies and other equipment being placed in a corner. It’s early. Too early for anyone else from the guild to log in to the game. Only Gerald can see the crimson that Merlin stains on the gray floor. Coming from the bloodied state of the Emperor of Requiem. A sight that pleases him who has always thirsted for power. If you hate your life so much, why don’t you just die? These are the words running through Merlin’s head as he slowly got to his feet.He can’t say this out loud. Doing so would increase the level of his beating. That’s why he has to keep his mouth shut. Not that it’s that difficult to do in his current state. His vision is already blurry and his head isn’t in the best shape as well. Considering all the blood that’s coming out of his nose and lips, it’s already impressive that this is all that he can feel. It’s even more impressive that he can sti
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The Beginning
Gerald AlistarThe [Vanguard] of the top guild Avalon. A six-foot-two black-haired man with a chiseled chin and a well-formed body. Sea tanned skin and ocean blue eyes complement the look that he has going for him. One that fits a hunky islander. He is the top-ranking defender of the game. A man who boasts of his level of defensive capability because of it. There are various videos of him taking blows from swords and arrows without wearing any armor. Leaving nothing more than scratches on his steel-like body.This is only the base of his defensive prowess. He has armor made from the finest black ores and twin shields fashioned by the legendary dwarven blacksmith Heimdal. All of these combined allowed him to reach a point where even the full strength of a dragon’s flames will do nothing more than leave a slight char on top of his skin. Nothing more than the feeling of getting a tan under the hot summer sun.He is an image that is idolized by the entirety of the shield-user community.
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