The Unadorned Sovereign

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The Unadorned Sovereign

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In the sprawling city of aspirations, Liam is a young man with dreams as high as the towering skyscrapers. Working from dawn till dusk to pay his dues and support his family. One fateful night, bruised and battered, Liam returns to his tiny apartment that night, only to collapse at his doorstep. Little does he know, his life is on the brink of an extraordinary transformation. A mysterious notification materializes out of thin air, introducing him to the enigmatic "Merchant System." Follow Liam's journey as he navigates an unexpected realm of quests and challenges, leveraging his newfound abilities to embark on a quest for self-discovery, respect, and an opportunity to rewrite the narrative that has confined him. "The Unadorned Sovereign" is a tale of resilience and the unbreakable spirit of a young man determined to defy the odds, even in a world where the rules seem unfairly stacked against him.


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46 chapters
Chapter 1. Merchant System
In the sprawling city of Metropolis, where aspirations and dreams mingled with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, lived a young man named Liam. Liam had always dreamt of becoming a civil servant, a beacon of service and integrity in a world that needed them. With determination etched into his heart, he left his hometown and family behind, embarking on a journey towards his dreams. However, life in the city was far from what Liam had envisioned. Days stretched long, from 9 to 7, as he toiled away in various jobs to pay his bills and support his family back home. His high school education left him at a disadvantage, and he felt the weight of his perceived inadequacy every time he saw the disdainful glances of those around him. Still, he held on, gritting his teeth and pushing through the monotonous routine. One fateful night, Exhaustion hung heavily on Liam as he went through the motions of another grueling shift at the quaint café. His eyes were heavy, and his mo
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Chapter 2. Installing 100%
The next day dawned with a cruel reminder of the events from the previous night. Liam awoke to aches and pains that radiated throughout his body, each twinge a testament to the rough encounter he had faced. Bleary-eyed, he reached out for his phone, only to find it in a state of disrepair. The screen was cracked, and as he rubbed his swollen eyes, a loading screen appeared at the edge of his vision. The words "installing 85%" blinked insistently, like a persistent whisper in his mind. Liam's brow furrowed as he tried to make sense of the situation. His throbbing head and the remnants of his blurry vision caused him to attribute the odd display to his physical state. With a sigh, he pushed aside the enigmatic loading screen, thinking it an odd side effect of his exhaustion. As he struggled to sit up, his thoughts raced. He pondered whether the loading screen was a consequence of his encounter with the rough group the previous night, or perhaps a sign that his body was
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Chapter 3. The Price
The words "Installing 100%" glowed on the window, capturing his attention and unsettling his thoughts. He rubbed his eyes, as if hoping that this bizarre image would vanish with the sweep of his hand. The surreal nature of this new development left him questioning his senses and the fabric of reality itself. "What the...?" Confusion swirled within Liam as he stared at the mysterious window that had materialized out of thin air. Tentatively, he reached out, his hand passing through the image without any resistance. The experience was surreal, as if he had stepped into a realm where reality was bending at the edges. His heart raced, his mind a whirlwind of questions. As his bewilderment deepened, the window before him seemed to shift and expand, revealing a new set of options and information. Liam squinted, his brows furrowing in concentration as he tried to make sense of the shifting shapes and symbols. What was this? Some sort of advanced technology? Or was it a figment of his exhau
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Chapter 4. What to sell?
As Liam's hand rose before his eyes, he was struck by the surreal transformation unfolding before him. The once familiar and youthful fingers were rapidly contorting into those of a skinny, frail old man. Shock gripped him, and he stumbled back, collapsing onto the ground in disbelief. His mind raced, desperately seeking answers to the unthinkable change that had overtaken him. "Wh-What's happening to me?" Liam stammered, his voice tinged with both fear and anger. He stared at the now elderly hand, his heart pounding in his chest. From the depths of his confusion, a voice emerged, calming but matter-of-fact, as if the answer had been waiting all along. "Liam, you are aging," the voice echoed in his head, a clear but ethereal presence. The shock on Liam's face turned to anger as he shouted, "Aging? What do you mean? This can't be real!" His heart racing, Liam tried to reason with the system, "This can't be happening. I'm not that old! How could I age s
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Chapter 5. His Worth
Frustration gnawed at Liam as he stared at the holographic display of the merchant system, bewildered by the array of unfamiliar items it showcased. Skill books, potions, monster parts — it was all Greek to him. Liam's brows furrowed deeper, his fingers twitching in agitation. His annoyance building, he muttered to himself, "This is ridiculous! I just need something simple, something I can understand." Letting out a sigh of frustration, Liam's impatience got the best of him. He decided to settle for something familiar, something that resonated with his mundane existence. Instant ramen and popular snacks, everyday items that seemed to hold a glimmer of normalcy amidst the otherworldly goods. Before his hand could even reach out to take items his choices, a sudden grip on his old hand startled him. Liam turned his head quickly, his aged eyes widening in surprise as they met the gaze of the shopkeeper. The grip was firm, almost restraining, and it belonged to a
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Chapter 6. Game Console
As Liam returned to his humble abode, a newfound excitement bubbled within him. The mysterious merchant system's interface danced before his eyes, its otherworldly realm awaiting his touch. Determinedly, he navigated its virtual settings to set up his shop. To his mild astonishment, the system imposed a restriction - he could only sell a maximum of five of goods. With a furrowed brow, he contemplated his options. "I guess I'll start small," he muttered to himself. He listed five different types of snacks, each priced at a modest 10 gold. It was an experiment, a dip of his toes into the unpredictable waters of virtual commerce. With a deep breath and a click of confirmation, his products were on display to the potential buyers scattered across dimensions. His heart raced as he monitored the virtual marketplace. Minutes turned into seconds, and Liam's heart raced as he watched the notifications pour in. Sold out. Sold out. Sold out. Each snack vanished fro
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Chapter 7. Aging Reversing
The skinny man turned back to the young lady, his tone cold and business-like. "Now, are you going to settle up or do we have to escalate things? You've been dodging us for too long, sweetheart." The young lady's shoulders tensed, a mix of frustration and vulnerability evident in her eyes. Her voice wavered only slightly as she responded, "I'm working on it. Just give me a little more time." The bulky men exchanged knowing glances, their silence filled with unspoken communication. The leader's grin widened, revealing a row of sharp teeth like a predator ready to strike. "Time, huh? Well, sweetheart, time doesn't wait for anyone. And neither do we." His oily face casting a shadow over the counter. "You owe us, and you're gonna pay up." The young lady's eyes widened in fear as she stared at the skinny man, unsure of what to do. Panic gnawed at her, her mind racing to find a solution to the impossible situation she found herself in. Then, a glimmer of ho
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Chapter 8. Things are Changing
As Liam walked along the bustling streets of the city, his thoughts churned with a mixture of anxiety and determination. The weight of his newfound wealth pressed on his shoulders, an immense responsibility that he felt both elated and burdened by. With each step, his mind played out scenarios of how he could use the money to change his family's life.Finally reaching the bank, he stepped inside and approached the teller's counter. "I'd like to transfer 5,000,000 dollar to my mother's account," he said, his voice steady despite the nerves that fluttered in his chest.The teller, a middle-aged woman with a no-nonsense demeanor, looked up from her paperwork, a hint of surprise crossing her features at the significant amount he mentioned. Her perfectly arched eyebrow quirked upward as she took in his appearance, dressed in his worn but tidy clothes. Nevertheless, she nodded, professionalism taking over as she began processing the transaction."Of course, sir. Could
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Chapter 9. From the Depths of Shadows
As Liam neared his apartment building, a shiver of unease crawled up his spine. The dimly lit street seemed to stretch out menacingly before him. The shadows cast by the streetlights appeared to dance in sinister patterns, and the murmurs of the city seemed to fade into a distant hum. A knot of apprehension formed in his stomach, warning him that something was amiss. As he quickened his pace, Liam noticed a group of strangers assembling around him, forming a tight circle that closed in like a trap. Each face was unfamiliar, and their intent was far from clear. Anxiety gnawed at him as he attempted to move away, only to find his path consistently blocked by these menacing figures. "What do you want?" Liam's voice quivered slightly, a mix of fear and defiance underlying his words From the depths of the gathering, a familiar figure emerged. It was the skinny man he had encountered at the toy shop earlier. A smirk twisted across the man's lips as he spoke, his vo
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Chapter 10. Shadow Veil
As if suspended in time, the footsteps paused. Liam held his breath, his body frozen in place, his entire being focused on the sound. He could hear the gang's leader, a skinny man with an air of authority, uttering curses under his breath. The gravity of their situation hung in those words, a promise of harsh retribution."Where is he?" the leader's voice was tinged with a dangerous edge, the threat of violence lurking beneath the surface.As the tension escalated, Liam's senses were suddenly engulfed by a familiar sensation – a notification window popped into existence. His heart raced as the words unfolded before him, announcing that one of his game boys had been sold at a rapid pace. He clenched his fists, silently urging the system to let him purchase the concealment skill if he had enough money.Liam's breath caught as one of the group members, a silhouette framed by dim lamplight, approached. Every footfall seemed to reverberate through the air, each
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