Chapter 1507 I Don't Support Your Marriage

Dora's crucial question takes Cristina and Carmen by surprise. During the silence between the two, the radio plays “Waterfalls”, by TLC.

As the owner of the theory, Cristina decides to assume, “Dora, the Chaves family saw fit to get away from you after the embarrassment we went through regarding Pamela trying to have full custody of Caio.”

Dora is shocked and gaping, and then voices, “What? Why did you decide to walk away? It was Pamela who came up with the whole idea!”

“And William is desperately looking forward to getting back in touch with us?”

“Ehr... not him, but William isn't the full Campos family. There's Simeon, Melissa, my grandchildren, and I... we miss you and we don't hold a grudge, Cristina.”

Carmen is forced to admit, “Though Tiago warned you.”

Dora giggles, “Oh, I imagine. Tiago is a devoted friend of Josias and, in an instance, ends up being our friend as well. Guys, let's break down these barriers and get back to what we were.”

“Are you sure, Dora?” Cristina wants to
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