Chapter 1508 Electrician Change

Dora crosses her arms upon learning that Pamela's evil plan came out of Cristina's pure head.

“Cris, this can only be bullshit.”

“I'm sorry, my friend!” Cristina comically drops to her knees for Dora, “By the time I was informed that William was causing problems with drinking and call girls, I didn't think twice.”

“You know the work it took us to try to convince him to stop self-destructing...” Dora says, “We thought he was going to get this AIDS thing the TV can't stop talking about.”

“Well, if William has repented and returned to being a good father to Caio, I'm satisfied. And I hope they can forgive me one day.”

Dora asserts, “They'll only forgive you if they never find out that you came up with the plan!”

“And then will you tell them?”

Dora is suspenseful as the soap operas she watches, but then smiles, “The secret will be safe with me.”

Carmen and Cristina relieve themselves.

“Thank you, Dora.” Carmen thanks, “We hope in time to get back together like we used to be.”

“Now I wante
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