The Rise of the Heir Apparent

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The Rise of the Heir Apparent

By: bababkchod OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Mathew Wilson, an ordinary student, going about his life like an ordinary person is supposed to. He did not have lofty dreams. All he wanted was love. But when the love of his life left him and his life took a turn for the worst, an accident changed everything for him. Suddenly Mathew was no longer ordinary. Instead, he was on the top, above everyone else. Why? Because he was the heir... Heir apparent to the Wilson Family.

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  • Lioyd_Mark


    Nice piece. Please let's have the other chapters

    2023-10-20 18:36:10
  • Antonio


    Where is the rest of the story

    2023-06-20 01:10:44
  • Danial Ahmed


    a lot similar to The Consortium’s Heir in the beginning but much better than that

    2023-01-20 08:39:29
Latest Chapter
28 chapters
Chapter - 1
Chapter - 1"Yo, man... Stop staring at your phone and give me a hand," A boy walked into the room and found his friend glued to his phone, "Matt, Stacy will reply when she sees your message. You staring at the phone won't do a thing. Huh... Acting like a puppy."The boy snatched the phone from Mathew's hand and pushed a tray into Mathew's arms."Take this and get back to work. Use that pretty face of yours to earn some extra cash," Barry frowned, looking at Mathew and spoke. If he had a face like his friend's, he would be a cash printing machine.And it was indeed justified of Barry to feel a bit jealous. Mathew was one of the most, if not the most handsome boy in their school.But despite Mathew being a candy for the eye, he hardly had girls fawning over him. And this was all because he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.But while others would have regretted it all along, Mathew did not care about it much. After all, he already had the perfect girlfriend, the most beauti
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Chapter - 2
Chapter - 02 Suddenly, Mathew felt the urge to rush out of the toilet and see for himself if it was true or not. He wanted to confront Stacy. But he could not do so. What if all of it was nothing but a prank? His mind was in chaos. Should he just go straight forward and ask Stacy, 'What are you doing with Georgie?' Or should he go to their table and act as if it was all coincidental? Mathew hated this. The fact that he had to doubt Stacy made him feel worse than anything in his life. Mathew had never ever felt this bad, even when Mathew watched boys his age enjoys their lives while he was stuck running between jobs. "Matt..." While Mathew dreaded over his doubts, Barry walked in happily, fanning himself with the few notes in his hand. "Where are they?" Mathew grabbed Barry by his shoulders and asked. His voice was loud enough to scare Barry. "They? Who?" Barry tried to get away from Mathew and asked. But Mathew had no time to explain. He pushed Barry away and dashed out of the to
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Chapter - 3
Chapter - 03"You are what?" Georgie frowned when he heard Mathew."I said... I am her boyfriend," Mathew was not the rash type. But with Stacy on the line, Mathew did not back down as well.Meanwhile, the other guy with Georgie, who filmed everything inside the restaurant, pulled out his phone. This was a spicy twist in drama, and he had to make sure that there was an audience for it."Hey... Why did it start again?""Are there more surprises?""Georgie now just wants to rub it on our face that he got the school beauty,""Who's the other guy?""He is wearing some sort of uniform. Does he work at the restaurant?""Listen, you..." Georgie was angry, "I don't know why you are doing this. But keep this up, and I will beat the shit out of you." Georgie threatened Mathew as openly as he could.As soon as they heard Georgie, the comment section was flooded."I am not here to talk to you," Mathew did not flinch, "I am here to talk to my girlfriend.""I am not your girlfriend anymore. I am br
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Chapter - 4
Chapter - 04 "Let go of me... I am not yet done with that cheating bitch," Mathew struggled to break free from the grip of Barry and the others holding him. "You have done enough already. Don't make more trouble for us," Barry said as they pushed Mathew into a chair. They brought Mathew to the security room of the restaurant. With Barry's words, it finally dawned upon Mathew. His legs went numb, and Mathew crashed into the chair. He looked down at his hands, and they were covered in blood. And Mathew was sure that it was not his blood. He was so out of it that he did not even know what he was doing. But judging by the state of his knuckles, he could guess that he was in trouble. "Matt, everything..." Barry wanted to console Mathew, but before he could say anything, the door burst open, and the manager rushed inside. "You... son of a bitch," the manager pushed away Barry and grabbed Mathew by his collar, pulling him up. And just as the manager finished speaking, the door swung ope
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Chapter - 5
Chapter - 05 'Where can I get this much money?' 'I can't even pay back the manager, let alone that guy in the black suit.' Alone, Mathew wandered through the dimly lit street towards his home, thinking about what he could do. Mathew knew he was in a hopeless situation, and it was hard for him to crawl out of it. He had no one to help him out of the situation. All his friends and family were ordinary people with ordinary life. They could not possibly go against Georgie and his family. So, Mathew had to think of some extreme options as well. And right now, even fleeing the country looked like a feasible option, but what would Mathew do after that? He, along with his parents won't even be able to feed themselves in some foreign land. He couldn’t possibly make his parents starve for the remainder of their life. 'Should I just confess?' Mathew even had this bold idea. But the charges against him scared the shit out of him. Attempted murder? Rape? Wouldn't he end up spending his twent
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Chapter - 6
Chapter - 06 "We are sorry young master, we came late," Mathew was hell confused when a dozen men bowed in front of him in the middle of the street. It all felt like a dream. And to confirm that, his hand slowly made its way down, and Mathew pinched his thigh hard. 'Aah...' Mathew felt the pain jolt his muddled head, 'It's really not a dream... What in the crazy world is going on?' "I am not sure, but I think you all are mistaken," Mathew finally brought out the courage to speak. The vibe was already hard on him. On top of that, he was afraid that if the men found out that he was not really the so-called young master, he would be found in some dumpster the next morning. "It's not a misunderstanding, young master," the man leading the group smiled at Mathew and said, "Let me introduce myself. I am Alfred, and we are here to escort you home." Alfred wore a neat, black suit with a bow tie and shiny black shoes. His hair was combed nicely, and his face had that calmness to it. Even hi
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Chapter - 7
Chapter - 07 "Wh..." Mathew was left shell-shocked. The middle-aged man, without saying as much as a single word to anyone slapped Alfred. And he hit Alfred hard in front of everyone. "What are you doing?" Mathew could not help but ask. Even if it might be a misunderstanding, Alfred had been very good to him all along. So instinctively, Mathew stood between Alfred and the man. But much to Mathew's surprise, none of the men and women around them took a stand for Alfred. Instead, all of them stood rooted in their spot, with their head hung low. Meanwhile, the middle-aged man ignored Mathew altogether, "Look at him," the man pointed at Mathew, "Look at his clothes. Does he look like the young master of this house to you?" The man's voice continued to rise. "And what is this? How did he get injured?" The man roared, looking at the bloody leg of Mathew's. He was so angry that he wanted to hit Alfred again, but Mathew hurriedly stood between them. "It was my fault," Mathew said. "Ho
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Chapter - 8
Chapter - 08 "Ahh... Wilson family," Mathew nodded his head, but soon his eyes widened, "The...The WILSON family?" Mathew asked with his voice shaking, 'It can't be that.' When the man saw Mathew looking at him with those shaky eyes, he nodded with a meaningful smile. Wilson Family? Are you kidding me? What was the Wilson family? Everyone in the world and not just the have heard of the Wilson family. They were said to be one of the wealthiest families in the world if not the wealthiest. Mind you, not the wealthiest man, but the wealthiest family. A man's wealth can be limited, but the wealth and power of a family? No one can match it. From needles to guns and matches to rockets, the Wilson family dwelled with everything that could be seen around them. The Wilson family had their fingers in too many pies at the same time. They were just too invincible. Be it a shop, mall or skyscraper. Be it phones, cars or aircraft. Anything one could think of, a high chance was that it could hav
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Chapter - 9
Chapter - 09 'How can it be any more worse than what I already have,' Mathew shrugged. He picked up the pen and, not thinking about it any longer, decided to trust the man in front of him and signed the document. "Here..." Taking the file from Mathew, the man extended a badge and a card towards Mathew. It was a small badge that one could easily pin on one's clothes. "This is the Wilson family's crest," the man said as he pointed at the badge. It was a serpent coiling a hawk, "The Wilson family has always been sly. But more than that, for so many years against all odds, one thing that the Wilson family has shown is tenacity. You may think of it as cliche, but this crest has somehow accurately portrayed the Wilson family for years." "As for this card, keep this with you for the time being. After I am done registering you in the family, I will get you a card specifically for you." The man told Mathew. The card had no name to show whom it belonged to, but it did have the same logo. "
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Chapter - 10
Chapter - 10 It was Georgie who called him. And with him was his ex-girlfriend, Stacy, standing together, hand in hand. "Look at our new superstar," holding Stacy's hands, Georgie walked towards Mathew with a smirk plastered on his face, "You bought yourself some new clothes. Oo... Even your bag looks brand new... Waah... Our Mathew is a rich guy it seems. You must have saved a lot of money cleaning toilets." "But should you pay the settlement money first?" Georgie shook his head. By this time, that friend of Georgie's, who was always carrying a mic and phone, started his broadcast. With the new broadcast and Georgie creating a scene, even those who did not know about the incident from last night would know all about it. "But you know... Even money won't solve the problem. What you did last night can't be washed away with money alone," Georgie let go of Stacy's hand and knocked on Mathew's forehead a couple of times, "You know that, right?" "... Because you are poor, you work pa
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