Return of The Hidden Young Master

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Return of The Hidden Young Master

By: Sazu CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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The sincerity I gave to the woman I loved was in vain. Like everyone else, she saw me as an embarrassment and only wanted to take advantage of me. Until I know my true identity, they won't be able to do what they did before. I will repay them with everything I have without trying because I am greater than them.

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Chapter 1
In a fancy restaurant, a man was cleaning a shiny yellow glass table. The man's name was Aiden. He worked as a part-time waiter at the restaurant. This was his third day on the job."Hey, you! Clean this one up too, quick!" A man dressed as a waiter yelled at Aiden. Quickly, Aiden carried out his orders.Even though they were both servants, the servant gave orders because he felt much more senior than Aiden."Okay, I'll clean it up."Aiden moved to the other table pointed out by the male waiter. Aiden wiped the glass table carefully until it was shiny. He didn't want any dust left behind as it might affect his performance appraisal.There was going to be a proposal here soon, so all the waiters were busy sharing the cleaning duties. Fresh flowers were arranged in large vases in all corners of the restaurant.Aiden was a student, but chose to quit in order to make money to pay for his girlfriend Lola's schooling. Lola once cried and told Aiden that she wanted to go to university. Howev
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Chapter 2
Roland's eyes widened perfectly. He became even angrier as Aiden broke another plate. "Are you out of your mind? You haven't replaced one plate, and you broke another. How are you going to work like this, the restaurant will lose a lot of money?!""Gosh, none of his work is right. What a slob!" The servants heated up Roland. They were intentionally making Roland even angrier at Aiden.The ponytailed waitress grinned, with a loud tone of voice confirming what her colleague had just said. "Yes, he is indeed careless. I don't know what kind of harm he'll do. This restaurant might go bankrupt because of him!"Aiden just stood still on the spot. Meanwhile, the sound also caught Lola and Brian's attention. Lola widened her eyes when she met Aiden's gaze. Suddenly making Lola panic, she was surprised to see her lover standing there but tried to look calm.Lola released her grip on Brian's hand. Her heart was beating so fast that it seemed to stop for a few seconds. Her eyes trembled along wi
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Chapter 3
One by one, customers left their tables without paying. Suddenly, Roland became panicked because he was losing customers in the restaurant. He ran up to the customers with both hands spread. "No, sir, madam. Don't leave here. It's not our fault.""Move aside! Don't get in our way. We don't want to eat in a bad restaurant like this!" The customer snapped at Roland, turning on the restaurant's perceived poor quality because of the commotion.Roland clasped his palms together in front of his chest, trying to prevent them from leaving. "Please don't leave, at least pay for the food you've eaten."The customers widened their eyes at Roland's words. They did not accept having to pay for the food at the restaurant. "What? Our comfort is being compromised and we still have to pay for the food?""We don't want to pay a dime! Think of it as compensation for our comfort being disturbed by your actions!" One of the customers threw the dishcloth on the floor, then stepped on it. It was the biggest
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Chapter 4
Everyone looked in the direction the voice came from. An elderly man in a fancy suit was accompanied by ten black-clad men behind him.Roland was surprised to see those people. He recognized the expensive suit the old man was wearing and he had great respect for the old man.Roland bowed half of his body, then bowed respectfully. "Good afternoon, sir."The old man walked slowly over to Aiden, then looked at him intently. "What happened?"Roland again bowed respectfully, he carefully opened his voice. "Well sir, this waiter broke two expensive plates here and made a scene, arguing with two customers who had just arrived. The commotion disturbed all the customers here. Being inconvenienced, they left without paying first, even breaking the tableware, sir."The old man picked up the plate that was on the table beside him. "Breaking a plate? Like this?" He let go of the plate and it fell to the floor, shattering into pieces.Roland's eyes widened perfectly, shocked by what the old man had
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Chapter 5
Everyone in the restaurant laughed. They couldn't believe what the old man was saying, let alone Roland. He grinned while shaking his head. "That's impossible. Don't make up stories. A poor man like him can't possibly be the young master of this restaurant."Several waiters looked at Aiden with condescending glances. "Young master he said. That old man must be out of his mind."Roland grinned at the old man before him, then looked at the disheveled-looking Aiden. "You pathetic bastard. Already, you'd better get out of here! Don't fantasize about being a young master."The old man raised his face while glaring at Roland. "Mind your tongue. I'm Muller, a confidant of the Robinson family, the owners of this restaurant."The waiters were surprised to hear the name Robinson. "Gosh, isn't that the name of the richest family in town?""Gosh, that family has a lot of influence. I even just found out that this restaurant is one of their assets." They whispered to each other. The looks on their
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Chapter 6
Aiden blinked a few times, then sat up to rub his eyes with the back of his hand. Last night, Aiden fell asleep as soon as he lay on the luxurious soft bed. At first, Aiden just wanted to try it out for a while. But it was so comfortable that he just fell asleep. He had never slept in a luxurious soft bed like this.Aiden stroked the soft, fluffy mattress in amazement. "I thought this was just a dream. But I'm actually sleeping and living in this luxurious villa."Aiden got out of bed and opened the balcony window. Letting the morning air into his room. Aiden still felt like this was all a dream. He tried pinching his arm, and it hurt. Suddenly, his cell phone rang. Aiden grabbed his cell phone, which he placed on the nightstand, and looked at the screen. There was an incoming call from an unknown phone number. Aiden picked it up immediately out of curiosity."Mr. Aiden, we from the bank would like to remind you that your loan repayment is due. You must repay the loan today. Otherwise
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Chapter 7
Everyone in the bank laughed at him. "Yes, my goodness. He insisted. That's highly unlikely."The clerk crossed his arms over his chest. "You heard for yourselves, right? He's a fraud. How can anyone just suddenly send him 100 million dollars? You must have cheated and blackmailed people, right? If you had that kind of money, you would never have borrowed 1000 dollars from the bank."One of the customers inside the bank snorted in annoyance as he took in Aiden's appearance from head to toe. "Looks like he's a lunatic who fantasizes about having that much money."The clerk behind the teller's desk threw her hands up as she looked at Aiden with a condescending gaze. "It's obvious, isn't it, that that guy is just a con artist! Let's get him out of here!"The security guard immediately took Aiden's hand back. "Please cooperate. Come, follow me!"Aiden did not have it. "Let go!" He shouted. Rebelled, trying to break free from the security guard's grip. "I'm not a fraud. My account card is
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chapter 8
The manager heard Aiden's phone ringing in the distance. He held up his index finger while shouting. "Hey, turn that ringing sound down. What if it disturbs the honored guests here? Quick, put that cell phone on silent!"The manager glanced at the middle-aged man politely and bowed respectfully. "Sorry, sir." He felt terrible for shouting so loudly in front of him.Aiden rolled his eyes and picked up the phone with a frown. There was no name on the screen. He had no idea who had called him. "Hello?" He activated the loudspeaker on the call because he was outside the bank, afraid he couldn't hear the voice on the other side properly.The middle-aged man inside was Arnold. He seemed to bow respectfully as if the honorable person coming to the bank was already in front of him. "Sir, are you on your way to the bank?"Arnold's voice could be heard bouncing off Aiden's phone. Suddenly, everyone in the bank was startled. They wondered why the middle-aged man's voice could be heard on Aiden's
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Chapter 9
The manager and officers were visibly shocked at the bank president's decision. They immediately prostrated themselves, kneeling at Arnold's feet. "Please, don't fire us. We apologize, sir. We promise not to do the same thing again like this. We will also work better. Please don't fire us, sir. If we get fired, what about our families? Please forgive us, sir."Arnold did not want his name to be dragged into the problems of his employees. He threw down his legs that were being held by the bank manager and officer. "Let go! Get the hell out of here! I don't want to see your faces here anymore!""Sir, please forgive us. We really didn't know that man was an honored guest here." The bank officer was genuinely sorry for mistreating Aiden.Arnold raised his hand to security. "Quickly take these people out of the bank!"The two security men who were about to kick Aiden out turned around and kicked the manager and officer out of the bank. They forcibly pulled, dragged out, and even threw the
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Chapter 10
Aiden, who heard that, was furious with Lola's words. He clenched his hands into fists, wanting to say something back to Lola. But his roommates were even angrier at Lola before he could say anything. The three stared intently at Lola, pointing their index fingers at her face. "Listen carefully. We don't want a job from trash like you who ruined Aiden's life!"Lola's eyes widened at the insults from Aiden's friends. She scrunched her waist in annoyance. "What? You're calling me trash? You're the trash! Even the trash on the ground scattered here is still more appropriate than you!""Your mouth is like trash, Lola! You should get an extra lesson in etiquette!" Aiden's other friend also scolded Lola in a high tone of voice.Lola pouted with her lips as if following the words of Aiden's friend. "Whatever, I don't care! If I'm trash, at least I'm useful trash!"Juno ground her teeth in annoyance. "You heartless woman! I'm now grateful that Aiden is free of parasites like you! Aiden's life
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