Return Of The General

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Return Of The General

By: Ella obida CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Five years ago, Salvador's family was attacked and everyone was killed by some men, Salvador was rescued by a mysterious girl who he only knows to be Elena. After Five years Salvador makes a triumphant return as an army general with two laid out plan. He wanted to revenge his family's death and Repay Elena for saving his life. Elena is now disabled, Angered and Heartbroken Salvador starts his plans with the man who deformed her .


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126 chapters
The Wedding
The WeddingA Tall muscular man stood in front of an abandoned house,He looked at the building like he had been here before and he flashed back to five years ago.It was Thanksgiving night and his extended family gathered in their background celebrating together because they haven't gathered together like this for a long time, His parents and all twenty of his relatives were present,everybody was there. The smiles on everybody's faces and the joy of family. They were all dancing and singing but he was watching from his room window.The night of joy was suddenly erased away when unknown gunmen evaded the backyard massacring every single one of his families.He hid and watched crying and fearing for his life. It was a bloodbath in his backyard and when they killed every single one of them they left. Their house was located in the woods so nobody could save them. Salvador waited for almost an hour before going outside,He tried to revive at least one of them but everyone of them was dead
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His Villa
HIS VILLA" And who are you???? Brett yelled.Elena could see the man from the veil in her face, She was badly injured so they covered her face every time. She was always mocked because of her scar so she always covered it but she could see Salvador.She didn't think he was the police and even the police wouldn't dare to stop Breet so who was this man.Salvador didn't say a word but he kept walking towards the direction Elena was sitting." Heyyyy!!!!! Guards dragged this man out of here,Breet ordered and the men attacked Salvador.He took out one umbrella from a beggar and used it as a weapon..He stood in one position and he fought all the men without even one coming near them. Everybody was looking at him, surprised even Elena's parents." Are these all your men????? Salvador looked at Brett. He was satisfied with the fear he saw in his eyes and the way the beggars and ragged looking men were running away.The only person in his mind now was Elena. " Are you okay???? Salvador grabbed
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Meet Her father
Chapter 3. MEET WITH HER FAMILYIt has almost been a week since Salvador took Elena away but her family didn't bother searching for her.It was a mixed feeling. Some of them were excited she was free from Brett while another was furious about what Brett would do to them soon. " What do you think Brett would do ???? I mean he would be upset because of the way he was embarrassed, Elena's father Mr Matador said." Is that what you worry about???? He was going to give our daughter to beggars and we couldn't do anything…. You are the family head and yet you couldn't even stand up for your daughter.What a pity????? Mrs Matador scoffed." What's the use ???? She can't walk and with that scar on her face nobody would want to marry her, Sometimes I wonder why she didn't let Brett have his way with her and yet the man she was doing it for left her after he saw her condition, Mr Matador Frowned." So father, what are you saying???? That it would have been better if she got married to the begga
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Undiluted Power
The Return of the general 4 .Undiluted Power. Elena just wanted the ground to open up and swallow her at this point because her family wasn't appreciating Salvador for what he did for her but yet he is embarrassed by their fear for the great four and how cheaply they showed it."Salvador please give me a minute to talk to them... Elena pleaded." It's fine... Salvador held her hand." What an eye sore….Do you know what you have done ??? Yet you cling to him,Did you have any idea what Brett's family is planning right now ???? Her father shouted in his loudest voice." I do not appreciate the fact that you are shouting at my wife that way... Salvador frowned. He was trying his best to sustain his anger but if he continues to disrespect Elena he might snap. " And who the hell are you?????? You have no idea what your useless appearance in my daughter's life has cost us …. Elena's father said." Father!!!! This is the man that saved me from Brett...He is the one that healed my wounds an
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The Gala party 1
The Return Of The General 5. The Gala party 1Salvador has already had endured enough of the trash talking,He didn't want to seem rude or do anything that would make Elena's father more annoyed and irritated than he already was,So he just stood beside Elena and didn't utter anymore word as their exchange words." The Lucas just canceled our name from the invite list to the gala party... Lilian announced." What do you mean????? That can't be ,Why would they cancel it??? We are also part of the auctioning and it's a chance to meet new investors...What do you mean???? Elena's father frowned." Father she's right...We are no longer invited to the gala party.. Justin sighed." How is that possible???? Elena stuttered." What did you just say???? Do you just ask how it's possible… I trust you already know the reason why…. Lilian stepped closer to Elena and Salvador stooped her from coming closer."This family have been disgraced and tortured enough by your appearance in our lives….What ex
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His identity
The Return Of The General 6. The Gala party. Brett was very sure of who he was seeing even though she was looking all glowed up,He was very sure it was Elena. He ran to the garden and held her hand. Elena's POV.The sky was so beautiful that I imagined a riding chariot in the sky and I smiled,My fantasy world was cut short I felt someone grabbed my hands,I thought it was Salvador and when I looked it was the beast himself...His eyes looked like that of a raging cops when he finds a serial killer,It was cold and scary. He was holding my hands and I flinched,I looked around but nobody was around me...There was no sign of my husband either,I was trapped all alone with him." Well !!! Well !! Well...If it isn't the crippled bitch... Brett mocked." What do you want???? Elena stood up proving his words about her wrong." Hold up, Hold up,I heard about your miraculous transformation so no need to flaunt it..Brett frowned." I will ask you just one more time...What do you want???? Haven't
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The Power House
The Return Of The General 7. Power House Party.The ride back to the party was quiet, Brett had stopped by a nearby hospital and got his wounds treated and attended to ,His father was holding the reason Salvador cancelled the contract his fault now and he couldn't even defend himself or dare say another word, Whatever was going on in his head was who Salvador was and the power he had that made his father plead and beg a man his son's age on his knees." Shouldn't you at least tell me your relationship with him... Brett said." It's nothing you should worry about and instead of picking a fight with him because of some girl...Get close to him and learn what he carries…. Mr Matador hissed and got down from the car.. Brett clenched his fist,He sat back in the car before coming down.The Great five always host this gala party with the theme ,The power house party. It's a party where the one precent of the one percent of the country is in attendance... This party was said to be the gatheri
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The Event Attack
Return Of The General 8. The Event Attack.Salvador froze and watched the building set ablaze,He had made sure everyone was out of the building,It was just his way of telling them that he has already started his mission his mission and he was full and prepared for whatsoever they had coming.The firefighter's came and also confirmed that nobody was in the building,The great five families were all shocked by what was happening,They couldn't imagine that the grand hall they used for their top events was now in ashes.. They didn't bother to ask if any lives were lost,All they could talk about was their gifts and the hall that got burnt.Guests were already retreating back home and the reporters who had already fell asleep because nothing interesting was going on..Were all awake and agile before anyone knew it a news station was already present at the event." Where is Salvador???? He excused himself shouldn't he be around???? I asked Mario,I hated the great five families but I had two fe
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Dirty Works
Return Of The General 9. Dirty WorksAfter Salvador had make a mess at the event,He was willing to do more but he had to find about every one of their weakness or deepest sin apart from the fact that they killed multiple families. Salvador sat in his room trying to figure something out to pin any of the family members aside from their killings,He didn't want to get the police involved. He just wanted to revenge all of them little by little,He didn't mind if it was going to take a year. He just wanted to end them all. The next morning Elena got dressed early and she set out to meet her family, She heard they wanted to see her without Salvador and she was willing to go anyways,She had no problem with it but she was scared,They might want to start another round of scolding." Where are you headed ???? Salvador asked,He couldn't sleep all through the night so he decided to continue his research, He had digged on Brett last night and he found out gruesome evidence against him as a board
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The order 1
Return Of The General 10. Order 1. Elena stood outside of the family compound scared to walk inside the living room,The Death stare she would receive from her family member was creeping to her. The Norman family clearly wanted different ways to try and get to Elena but she was going to take care of things herself that's why she was here. " Elena why are you outside? Elena's mom asked. " Mom… Nothing I just got down from a taxi actually,Elena lied." Ohhh I see, How was the ride here ? Her mom asked. Elena's mother wasn't in support of how her daughter was being treated but she had no choice she was playing the submissive wife role." Just a normal ride, Elena sighed." Elena..Her Mon dragged her to a corner and checked if anyone was coming or could see them." Mom is everything alright? Elena asked surprised on how her mom kept checking every corner." I want you to know that I am on your side, You didn't deserve what Brett and his family did to you and I feel very ashame for your
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