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By: Lyonlee OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Abandoned by his family, despised by his in laws, Kevin was the golden heir to the wealthiest family in Veridonia until one risky move which cost him everything” and everyone. But now, his gamble is finally about to pay off and Kevin is ready to roll the dice again.

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  • jmi802548


    is this writer still alive, why write incomplete book

    2024-06-03 19:35:02
  • jmj060857


    is there no update

    2024-05-21 21:31:44
  • Bismark Kuffour



    2023-12-09 18:39:33
  • Kaiser


    A very intriguing story

    2023-10-20 03:55:25
  • Ayanwale Abigail


    It's a good one.

    2023-10-17 15:51:28
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197 chapters
CHAPTER ONEThe room was adorned and decorated with crimson velvet drapes cascading from the ceiling, crystal chandeliers on marble floor and priceless art hanged beautifully, adorning the walls.Kevin stared intensely at the art as he buttoned his shirt, appreciating its beauty when his phone rang,“Hello, who is this?” Kevin couldn’t help but ask.The individual on the interface exhibited a high sense of impatience.“Hey! Kevin, it’s me. It worked! You’re rich again”Kevin discerned the voice as belonging to one of his acquaintance in the realm of investments, Jonathan.“Hey Jonathan, slow down. What worked?” he was confused“C’mon! Your investment in Sunset Haven group paid off! You now have more money than your entire family! You’re rich again my friend!”Kevin found Jonathan’s words utterly incredulous. They seemed too perfect to be real.“I don’t believe you, Jonathan. How did that happened? Is this a prank?”Jonathan’s words were too good to be true.“My friend, it is real! Why
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Fifteen minutes later…Kevin finished washing the dishes and checked his watch,“This is past five. Lily should be home by now.”Walking down the hall way, Kevin heard the sound of the TV coming from the living room.Taking a deep breath, Kevin adjusted his shirt and entered the living room,“Hi babe, welcome home.”Kevin greeted his wife, Lily.Sitting across the couch in front of him, Lily lifted her hands and politely waved.Staring at Lily’s bright eyes, luscious full lips and smooth skin, Kevin thought to himself,“I still get butterflies every time I look at her. Lily is gorgeous and her beauty is undeniable but, that’s not why I love her. She is the most patient and hard-working woman I’ve met. I mean, these past few years, her dedication has remained steady as she built and expanded her company.”He was deep in his thoughts when a sudden, raucous voice snapped him out of his reverie.“Hey! Kevin”The only person that could sound wild like that was Lily’s best friend, Monica.
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“Lily, is there something you’re keeping from me? What exactly is going on at work? You seem more stressed than usual.”Lily sighed“My company received a new contract last month and there was an error in the calculation of the data. Our products did not meet the requirements so we need to compensate them with seven million. My company’s funds will not able to turn around which means that, I might need to at least get four million dollars of investment in a week, otherwise my company will most likely go bankrupt. I can’t do that to my employees.”Monica’s eyes widened,“How are you supposed to find someone willing to invest four million dollars in a week!?”Just then, Lily turned around and sighted Kevin standing in the hallway, with a tear falling down her soft cheeks, Lily whispered.“Kevin, I’m sorry to say this but Monica and I need some privacy. Can you please give me some space?”Feeling distraughted by his wife’s pain, Kevin nodded“Of course, I’ll go back to the bedroom. It’s
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CHAPTER FOUR Kevin found his black card. It’s been over two years since he last touched it. Even his wife Lily didn’t know the card existed just as she didn’t know a lot of things about his past. “I’ve got this” Kevin said as he turned the black card around and dialed the VIP number on the back. A sweet comported voice answered, “Hello Mr. Williams, welcome to the black card private VIP customer service. May I ask if you need any help?” Kevin responded back, “Hello, I’d like to check the balance of my card.” Kevin seemed very excited. “Of course… Just one moment please.” “Hello, Mr. Williams, are you still there?” Kevin replied almost immediately, “Yes, I am. Would you be able to check my bank balance please?” The customer service attendant hesitated for a while before responding, “Hummm… Mr. Williams, I apologize but the balance on your black card is unfortunately too big for me to handle over the phone. It appears that the digits are higher than our computer is able to
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Kevin helped lift Lily onto the back of his motorbike. Lily wrapped her arms around Kevin’s waist as he thought to himself,“I love this feeling. From this moment forward, I’m going to start steaming our relationship. I’m going to be the man who Lily wants me to be, the man that she deserves.”Stopping at the red light, Kevin turned around to find Lily biting her bottom lip.With a gentle sigh, Kevin asked“How are you feeling? You look great but I know you… you only bite your bottom lip when you’re stressed.”Lily nodded,”I am a little bit stressed… I checked the reports this morning and I confirmed my worst nightmare. The company isn’t going to get any extra investor’s support which means that by the end of the week, we’re going to officially declare bankruptcy. This morning, the major shareholders will be holding a meeting and as the company’s chairman, I have to be there. To be honest, I just feel so terrible about the poor employees that will be loosing their jobs… I mean, it’s
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CHAPTER SIX“Thank you, Kevin”Lily said softly.Kevin reached for the necklace but as soon as his hands grasped it, it accidentally slipped out of his fingers to the ground.With a fake shock look on his face, Blakely gasped“Kevin! How could!? You threw it on the ground on purpose! That necklace is for Lily… why would you do that to her!?At that moment, Kevin turned around to see several of Lily’s co-workers crowding around him.One woman whispered to the other,“I don’t why she married someone like that. She could do so much better!”Lily took a deep breath,“I’m sure that it was an accident Blakely. Isn’t that right babe?Feeling his face turn red in anger, Kevin snapped“I’m sorry that it happened. Lily, you deserve the real thing not just some fake copy of it from a small jeweler.”Seeing her employees gossiping with one another, Lily stepped forward and whispered into Kevin’s ear,“Kevin, please apologize to Blakely. We’re at my job and so much is going on today already. Even
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CHAPTER SEVENKevin picked his phone and dialed the number of the person who left him with nothing two years ago.The old man’s voice resonated with a deep timbre that carried the weight of years of wisdom and experience.“Kevin! I knew you would call…”Kevin responded impatiently,“Hello Grandpa, let’s not waste time with fake formalities. I’m calling to let you know that I can help solve the crisis of Williams family with my money but in exchange for that, I have two conditions. One, before six o’clock tonight, you will give me a DreamLover necklace. Second, at the down town family branch, there is a person named Blakely, I want him removed immediately.”Still sitting on his motorbike, Kevin hung up the phone with his grandpa and said to himself,“The tables have turned! Now I have all the power… this is going to be so much fun.”Just then, Kevin received a text message from his wife Lily. Kevin took a deep breath and read,“I’m sorry about our call earlier. I really wish things cou
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Kevin stood before the mirror, dressed in a simple yet impeccably fitted shirt and pants, giving a vision of understated elegance. The shirt, a crisp white, clung to his body like a second skin, accentuating his athletic build and hinting at the strength beneath.The fabrics showcased his broad shoulders and chest, revealing confidence in every stitch. His was equally captivating, his deep eyes held a magnetic allure and his chiseled jawline exuded determination.Kevin, feeling content with his appearance, whistled cheerfully as he descended towards the garage.He hopped on his motorbike and drove to one of the fanciest hotel in Veridonia, the Kings hotel.After parking his motorbike outside the lobby, he quickly fixed his wind-swept hair and stepped down on the pavement.“Kevin! Is that you?”A handsome man stucked his head out from an Audi A8 window and waved excitedly to Kevin.The moment Kevin saw him, his eyes was filled with surprise“Tyler! Look at you… you haven’t aged a day.
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Just as Kevin’s butt touched chair, Kate responded indifferently,“Sorry, I’m saving this seat for Jessica.”“Huh!? I thought Jessica was sitting over there”Kevin pointed to the beautiful woman sitting seven or eight seats away from them. His face was full of confusion.Kate frowned and looked very unhappy. She raised her hands and covered her nose and said in a muffled voice,“You sort of stink and I feel so uncomfortable. Can I please change seats?”Kevin was stunned. He raised his arms and sniffed his armpit area, it didn’t smell. He had just changed before coming to the re-union.“This woman must have problems with her nose.”Kevin thought to himself.“Kevin! You haven’t taken a shower for few days, have you?”One of the guys askedA female classmate sitting next to him quickly said,“Kevin c’mon now, I’ll change seats with you. Don’t make the beauty breathe in bad air so she will be able to eat.”Kevin didn’t want to talk but at that time his old friend, Zach walked over and pul
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CHAPTER TENAt the same moment, Kevin was struggling with what to do about his clothes.He walked to the mall and looked around.Most of the suits were not his style. He felt that none of these suits fit him very well.Finally, his only solution was to call the secretary that Uncle Mathew has arranged for him that afternoon.She was very efficient… in less than an hour, she got someone to make a simple hand-made suit and had it sent to Kevin.He folds the suit under his arms as he rode his electric scooter back to his neighborhood.As he entered the house, he saw his wife Lily standing in front the mirror in the living room admiring the DreamLover on her neck.It seemed like his wife was very satisfied with the gift he had given her.She quickly pulled it on the moment she received. With the necklace on her neck, she became more noble and elegant. As Kevin walked back, Lily saw him from the mirror and instantly changed her exhilarated expression.She looked away to check her clothes
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