Chapter 1602 Dating as a Solution

In the Mountain Penthouse, Maggie is being interrogated about her marriage and her job.

After much thought, she decided to reply, “I want both. I want my marriage back and my job too.”

“Excellent answer, Maggie.” Melissa compliments her, “We're proud of you.”

Josias is a little embarrassed, “Excuse me, but isn't this about...?”

Kelvin replies to him, “That's right, Josias. The intrigue between my mother and sister has reached this point.”

“I never thought my mother could actually carry out the threat.” Maggie sniffles, “Or worse, that Bernie could have believed it! Because my mother has already hinted at it several times... But he never believed it...”

“And I don't believe it either!” Kelvin thunders, “A strong accusation like that wouldn't go unnoticed! If it were true, how did Uncle Frank know and Daryl and I didn't?"

Before Josias asks exactly what they are talking about, the doorbell rings. Kelvin gets up to answer it.

Opening the door, it's Daryl, “Hello, little brother. How is M
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