Chapter 1603 Don't Meddle With the Mountain Family

In the Mountain Penthouse, Josias has realized that he is not welcome to help with Daryl's family problems.

But he looks at Melissa, Kelvin, and Maggie and sees they're embarrassed.

In order not to cause any more problems, he decides to withdraw, “Well, if you ever need me, I'll be there for you.”

“We don't want to bother you, Josias.” Daryl reaffirms the decision firmly, “You have your family problems. Has that Angela Souza stopped causing trouble?”

“She still hasn't shown up this year.” Josias chuckles, “See you, guys.”

Josias hastily withdraws and closes the door.

Maggie is the first to voice, “Daryl, you didn't need that!”

“Josias came here willingly.” Melissa echoes what Maggie said.

Daryl sits where Josias was, “I didn't mean to sound rude, girls, but Josias has a business to run and four kids to take care of. Two of these children came from the wombs of two histrionics women.”

“Careful, bro.” Kelvin chuckles, “One of them hit the jackpot.”

“Anyway, I want to know what Maggie in
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