Chapter 1690 Be Careful with Who Supports You

Beto looks like he won't get a straight answer from Vera as to what she's afraid of. Then he goes to the radio and turns it on. The song “Angel” by Simply Red feat Fugees has a group of teenagers playing dominoes to sway to the beat of the music.

“Vera, I’m gonna have to fire you,” Beto announces in cold blood.

“But WHY?” She shrieks, making the group of teenagers laugh.

Beto takes a deep breath, “It's because I never know what's really going on with you. You came back from Victoria expecting us to take you in with no questions or answers.”

Vera is visibly trying to hide something. Her voice shakes and her skin is as white as snow, “I... I can't say.”

“Ah, then get out of here before you bring trouble to my children and my tenants!”

“NO!” Vera covers her mouth with both hands, and then goes back to speaking more quietly, “I just want to have a little money to go back to the capital.”

“Don't worry, I'll give it to you right now.” Beto opens the cash drawer and takes out some bills at r
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