Chapter 1692 Return My Woman

Wallace enters the Rocha Hotel restaurant. He didn't need anyone to guide him to any table because Renan stood out among the guests in a navy blue Italian-cut suit.

“Mr. Vasconcelos?” He greets him with a serious face.

“Allow yourself to smile a little, Mr. Freire.” Renan jokes, shaking his hand, “Sit down. I hear the caviar here is delicious.”

“Can we cut to the chase? Or is the matter so nasty that I need to eat first?”

Renan holds out the menu to the youngest, “I don't believe you're one of those people who lose their appetite easily.”

Wallace is definitely out of patience, “Oh Heavens, you called me to—”

“Relax, Mr. Freire!” Renan enjoys the unhappiness of others, “You are useful to me to solve my problem. I'm glad I didn't have to bother your mom.”

“Annoying is the right word,” Wallace replies sourly.

The waiter approaches and Wallace deliberately chooses the most expensive option of the day. But Renan reacts as if the dish cost only R$5.00.

Wallace suddenly smiles with relief as
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