Chapter 1691 Something Is Wrong

Wallace is surprised to hear this stranger speaking directly to him and wanting to confer with his mother. He is obviously suspicious, “My lord, don't you see the absurdity of wanting to talk to my mother?”

Renan remains calm, “Be sure, young man, that I don't intend to do anything disgraceful to your mother.”

“So what do you want?” Wallace is gruff.

Renan changes tactics, “Is she still upset and grieving?”

“Technically she is, but she decided to go back to work on the soap to clear her mind.”

“I understood. Then I can speak directly to you, young man. Can you meet me at the Rocha Hotel restaurant at noon?”

“I don't have money to eat at this restaurant,” Wallace speaks grimly.

“And who says you're going to pay? It's on me, young man.” Renan seems to enjoy the exasperation of the others.

“OK, we have an appointment.” Wallace waits no longer and hangs up, suspiciously, “Better me than my mother.”


Josias enters Rocha Constructions and finds everyone working. The mourning has passe
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