Chapter 1712 Uélton Will Never Discipline His Tongue

William enters his parents' house and gets annoyed with Vera reading the TV guide in his father's armchair. Now the radio is playing “Incancelabille” by Laura Pausini.

“Oh dear, aren't you going to get any jobs, my dear?” he asks annoyingly.

Vera rolls her eyes, “When are you opening your pizzeria?”

“Why, are you wanting free pizza?” William sits on the sofa.

“No, because I can work as a waitress.”

William wrinkles his nose, “You’ll be the typical waitress who will seduce my customers with a tight uniform, showing off your breasts.”

Vera gets up to slap William, but the landline rings just in time.

Dora walks over to the kitchen to answer, “Hello?”

On the other side, Simeon is on the phone at Katherine's desk, “Darling, we have good news! We are going to visit Paris!”

“What do you mean, darling? With which money? And your job as a foreman?” Dora asks wide-eyed.

William stands, trying to make sense of the conversation. Vera lowered her hand.

“Josias just declared my retirement. And he
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