Chapter 1723 Coincidences in the Lobby

Dora turns off the radio to have a better dialogue with her mischievous son.

“Son, when are you going to stop being a pain in the ass?”

“Mom, watch your language,” William responds ironically.

“You know very well where I want to go!” Dora throws the broom to the ground, “When will you learn to be a tempered man like your father? Do you see him whining about anything? Do you see him complaining all the time about his enemies?”

“My father has no enemies,” William speaks as if this were a demerit.

“Exactly, and I want you to be like that. Nobody hates you, you are the one who always starts the war.”

William rolls his eyes, “As usual, I'm to blame for everything that happens in this goddamn life!”

“And off we go, you're mumbling and whimpering like a little girl!” Dora accuses him.

William stands up, “Mother, I just came to inform you that I will be famous again, but as it turns out, you are not willing to celebrate with the son of your womb!”

Dora loses her temper, “You want to be famous
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