Chapter 1727 Saying Goodbye to Izzy

Melissa heads to the LCN studios where Isabel Freire's farewell party will take place. Jack and Veronica are organizing the delicacies.

“Melissa, so glad you came.” She points to the food and drink table, “Do you think Izzy will like it?”

“Of course she will like it.” Melissa smiles widely, disguising her concern.

But Jack noticed her earlier expression, “Sad to say goodbye, Melissa?”

“No.” Melissa wiggles, “I am being threatened by Renan Vasconcelos, according to Vernon Queiroz.”

Jack and Veronica are stunned.

“Hey, don't worry!” Melissa shakes her hands, “Let's not allow a suspect to ruin the party!”

“Is this just a suspicion?” Jack asks seriously.

“Wow, Jack, you should play a cop.” Melissa congratulates him, trying to deflect the subject.

Elza and Vernon approach the party.

“Look, honey, we have canapés and brie for you.” Vernon nods to the table.

Elza sees Melissa talking to Jack and Veronica, “And our ex-daughter-in-law is there.”

“Let's calm her down.” Vernon and Elza approach
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