Chapter 1805 He's Still Trying

The next day, Josias is showing off his new office. Octavio, Tiago, Alfred, and Pollyanna applaud another achievement by Josias.

“With all due respect to Jack, but I am the king of the world!” Josias jokes, paraphrasing the film.

“What now, master?” Tiago asks, “How does it feel to win another stage of your life?”

“Everaldo said I would have more blessings and I didn't believe it.” Josias stares at the urban skyline, “But he was right, as always. Are there more things to conquer?”

“Of course, there is more. The sky is the limit.” Alfred responds excitedly.

“Okay, everyone, let's start 1998 with a great job!” Josias claps his hands.

The desk phone rings and Pollyanna walks over, “Oops, I've already started my work.” She answers, “Hello?”

On the other side, Miguel is at his desk, “Hello, can I speak to Mr. Rocha? Here is Mr. Damascene.”

“Just a moment.” She passes the mouthpiece, “Sir, it's your lawyer.”

“Let's go away.” Octavio gestures and the others leave, leaving the boss alone.

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