Chapter 1829 Taking Lessons From Dr. Almeida

The next day, Wallace is in his underwear in the bathroom brushing his teeth, thinking about everything he heard from Dr. Almeida. Suddenly, he hears the door open and the footsteps of people entering.

“Good morning, Uncle Wally!” Reuben screams.

Wallace's eyes widen and he spits out toothpaste in fright. When he rinses his mouth and thinks about closing the door, Uélton and Reuben appear at the bathroom door and catch him with little clothes on.

Reuben pretends he’s embarrassed and covers his eyes, “Argh, there's an indecent man here!”

Uélton bursts out laughing, “That's right, son, never see a naked man, not even when you're Uncle Wally's age.”

“Cover your eyes too, daddy!” Reuben sneaks a peek.

Uélton covers his son's head, “It's different with dad, we're brothers. Wait in the kitchen.”

Reuben goes into the kitchen with his eyes still covered and bumps into the first wall he finds.

Wallace nods, “I see you're having a great time, huh? Are you teaching your son to enter other people
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