Chapter 1852 Not the Way We Want It

William decided to have lunch at Crystal Blue thinking he was going to celebrate his move against Josias. But as soon as Daryl greets him at the entrance, he realizes something is wrong.

“Where is your brother, my brother-in-law?”

“He's at home, helping my sister-in-law with the twins...” Daryl smiles devilishly, “And with the Freire family because of you.”

William is astonished, “Do you also think that I am to blame for the fire?”

“Not because of the fire, but because of the result of it.” Daryl asserts, “Didn't Josias Rocha order you to rebuild their house? Why Mrs. Freire and her grandson are still sheltered in my brother's penthouse?”

“It's because I ain’t gonna rebuild any house!” William bravely asserts, “I accept no imposition. They will have to kill me!”

“Killing you is no fun.” Daryl retorts with a disdainful expression, “The thing is to make you rebuild the house of someone who received ominous statements from you. And you're getting in Melissa's way because of it.”

“It's he
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