Chapter 1909 The Research Is Ready

Time has passed. In the Mountain Penthouse, Melissa was preparing breakfast for her family. Dora showed up very early to help her.

“Wow, daughter, why are you in such a hurry to leave?” Dora finds her daughter already dressed up in a brown suit, purchased from one of the exclusive stores whose saleswomen only need to bow when Melissa enters.

“I have an appointment today.” Melissa blinks mysteriously.

Melissa's cell phone which was left on one of the kitchen islands rings. Melissa sees the number on the caller ID and smiles, “Hello?”

On the other side, Tiago is in his house with James playing around, “Melissa, this is Tiago.”

“I can see your number, Tiago.” Melissa giggles.

“Ah, I'm still getting used to these modern devices.” Tiago also chuckles, “Anyway, everything ready for our date today?”

“All right, I'm already advancing breakfast.”

“OK, I hope I can help you. Goodbye!”

“Bye!” Melissa hangs up, “Mom, do you have your cell phone yet?”

Dora shakes her head and glances at the coffee
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