Chapter 2110 Danger of Losing a Wife

Daryl and Kelvin go to Crystal Blue's owner's office. He closes the door and faces his younger brother with serious concern.

"What's up, Daryl? Do you think it all fell apart?"

"I think something else was ruined, Kelvin. Have a seat."

"The service is about to begin."

"The only thing served was your wife on a silver platter for Josias Rocha," Daryl states grimly.

Kelvin sits up, startled.

Daryl sits face-to-face, "Kelvin, do you realize what's going on? Josias still loves Melissa. And Melissa decided to talk about our plan so he doesn't confess. Assuming Melissa doesn't open her mouth, what do you think would happen?"

Kelvin grows somber and admits against his will, "She answered that. If she didn't intervene, she might give in."

Daryl takes a deep breath, "I see. That's why you must get out of town."

Kelvin's eyes widen, "What did you say, Daryl? This can't happen! What about the kids? What about Melissa's soap opera? 'S

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