Chapter 2111 Driving Miss Lafayette

At Café Montanha, Rodrigo is ready to assist and help Nadia.

And Nadia says his mission, "Could you accompany me to Happiness Slum to visit Roberto Reis?"

Rodrigo is stunned by the proposal, "Happiness Slum... me?"

Nadia is embarrassed, "OK, I'm sorry, I shouldn't ask you to go to such a dangerous place."

"Why do you want to go there, Miss Lafayette?"

"I want to talk to Mr. Reis about being our manager, or another role at the supermarket." Nadia eagerly responds, "My father is sure he would be a valuable employee."

Isabel chimes in, "Miss, I've lived in Happiness Slum and I've been there several times. My son here also lives in the Teodoro Building—"

Rodrigo taps his hard chest like he's Tarzan, "Fear not, folks, I'll go there with Miss Lafayette."

Francisco worries, "Son, don't take unnecessary risks, let Wallace—"

"Wallace is busy with Rocha Constructions’ chores, right, Wallace?" Rodrigo gives

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