Chapter 2142 Interview on LCN Radio

At Simeon's house, he, Dora, William, and Caio are sitting on the couch in the living room waiting for the interview. Meanwhile, the Backstreet Boys' song “The Call” fills the house.

William has itchy arms in anxiety, “Uff, let them start soon!”

“I can't imagine what this swimming instructor would have to say.” Simeon frowns.

Caio mischievously suggests, “Grandpa, I think this fellow knows he will no longer be hired to give swimming lessons and is trying to make a living by sensationalist means. You know... soon he will be called to Lisandro's Show, soon some magazine will call him for another interview...”

“Are you saying the guy wants to be a celebrity at the expense of Kate and J.J.'s corpses?” Dora asks in amazement.

“Exactly, Grandma,” Caio nodded, “This guy has become an opportunist.”

William smiles proudly, “I'm glad to see you smarter, Caio. Unfortunately, people in this world are like that. I can attest to them.”

Caio smiles at his father, “Don't be tough on yourself, Dad. Yo
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