Chapter 2143 Indictment in Advance

Josias goes to the police station to inquire Ivan Moraes about the accusation that someone registered against him.

Amoreira asks him in the hallways, “Mr. Rocha, do you intend to defend yourself against the charges?”

Amoreira was referring to the interview given by Cláudio, but Josias did not yet know this.

“I'm going to talk to your sergeant right now.”

“No, he's not mine, he belongs to Lorraine...” Amoreira grimaces in disgust and Josias laughs.

As he enters Sergeant Moraes's office, he looks up from the computer with surprise in his eyes, “And you actually come to defend yourself?”

“Cut the sh*t.” Josias sits face-to-face, “Tell me right away what happened.”

Ivan purposely types slowly and takes time to access the police report, “Nowadays, we do everything by computer, isn't that amazing?”


“Calm down, you hurried one!” Ivan smiles mockingly.

He 'finds' the bulletin and begins to read, “It's this: Gabriela Alves denounced you for moral harassment.”

Josias tu
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