Chapter 2172 Following in the Footsteps

Elza and Vernon visit Gabriela's apartment. They are greeted by the song “Soul on Soul” by Rod Stewart.

João Paulo is cooking while Gabriela is in the bedroom.

“Son, what a good smell!” Elza praises him, “What is it?”

“A lentil stew with bacon that I'm improvising.” João Paulo smiles, “I hope I don’t poison anyone.”

“I think the recipe is interesting.” Vernon sits down as if to stay for lunch, “What about our daughter-in-law?”

João Paulo notices that nobody calls Gabriela by her name, “GABRIELA is in the room changing Sandra’s diapers.”

Elza smiles, thinking that Gabriela is having a bad time with dirty diapers, “That's part of motherhood. When it was Josias's turn, Tony couldn't buy real diapers. I had to use a dishcloth.”

João Paulo is horrified, “I'm glad I had a different father!

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