Chapter 2218 Beto Foils Daryl

At the Rocha Mansion, Daryl is intrigued by Beto’s request to remove Rosemary.

“Beto, sit down, and let’s talk. You speak as if Kelvin complained about something.”

Beto stares at Daryl suspiciously, “And he didn’t complain? Daryl, have you guys been talking lately?”

“I called him yesterday, letting him know that our friend Josias wanted to know how Carol and Rosemary were doing.” Daryl smiles proudly and waves to Josias.

Josias lifts his head and stops reading, “And by the way, they sent back a full report. Carol and Rosemary are doing well at school, they are being seen by the Capixaba elite, they are killing it at cocktail parties and social events, and...”

Just when Josias was going to say that Rosemary was dating, Beto interrupts him, “I know, Josias, but I received a call from my daughter, almost crying, wanting to come back. She overheard Kelvin complaining to Melissa abo

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