Chapter 2223 How Did She Get the Job?

At Rocha Constructions, Francisco almost has a heart attack when Tiago announces that the holes are ready in the sand on the beach. Who would be the unlucky ones?

Josias equally widens his eyes, “TIAGO! What kind of bad joke is this? Graves for what?”

“To whom would be the right question.” Tiago remains servile and patient, “Gossip spread like dry straw in a fire.”

Francisco kneels meekly, “Mr. Bento, I take full responsibility for the confusion. My nephews still have a lot to learn, and their Mom hasn’t helped.”

Tiago regards Francisco with indifference, “Indeed, Mr. Mountain, your sister-in-law was a pest who nearly ruined her own daughter’s marriage. No wonder Daryl and Kelvin are equally clumsy. Maggie was adopted?”

Francisco continues with his head down and kneeling, making Josias feel like a Japanese Emperor.

“Francisco, get up. No one will be buried alive in

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